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Stéphane Horeczko

classical and jazz     144 listeners
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Moving Images Acoustic Visions Spring-Tides
event: http://www.gillesregnier.com/spip.php?article5
posted 5 years ago
Buy or Share G. 1888 by Stéphane Horeczko
posted 7 years ago
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Ambient, minimal piano music
Find out more about Stéphane at

Mobile Website:

Digital album available at iTunes, Amazonmp3, Bandcamp, emusic and most major and indie music stores.

Piano sheet music available from major online retailers:
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Stéphane Horeczko wrote:
It's fixed now. Enjoy!
11 months ago
swansontec (level 13) wrote:
I am really happy to have the whole G. 1888 album. It really fits well together as a complete work. The only thing that seems off is that the downloaded version of Absences supposed to be only 40 seconds long, and seems cut off.
11 months ago
fuzzyorangebug (level 37) wrote:
Everything you have posted here is absolutely gorgeous. I wish the vast majority of songs were more than 39 seconds long, but what you have given us is magnificent. I am max hearting everything you have. 342 total hearts from me to you. I hope it helps some of these post.
11 months ago
pinkjeans (level 38) wrote:
Thank you,
1 year ago
natlanticstorm (level 30) wrote:
I love "Le coeur et la distance." Thanks for messaging it to me. :)
1 year ago
faberex (level 43) wrote:
Thanks for sharing this music, its beautiful. Cheers
1 year ago
fraisylady (level 37) wrote:
Ty for the sharing ...
1 year ago
fraisylady (level 37) wrote:
magnifique, with francophone titles tou 've got real isreners loving you great music !!!
7 years ago
heartofphx (level 7) wrote:
This is so pure. I enjoyed listening to all your musics.
Merci pour ce moment d'emotion.
7 years ago
natlanticstorm (level 30) wrote:

Thanks so much for the post. Very much enjoying your music. I'll be back when I have some hearts. :D

7 years ago
ibfrog (level 19) wrote:
Fascinating! Thanks again for the background info.
7 years ago
Ostar (level 14) wrote:
Very nice indeed - love it.
7 years ago
jzucco (level 33) wrote:
No problem, beautiful song.
7 years ago
mangerdouse (level 32) wrote:
No problem. I definitely plan on listening to some of your other works when I have more time.
7 years ago
bubblovat (level 28) wrote:
this stuff is amazing, i will enjoy any new song you post =D
7 years ago
gafhptva (level 38) wrote:
your welcome and when I spy the accent aigu, it's a sure listen.
7 years ago
ibfrog (level 19) wrote:
Fugaces has a line in there that reminds me of one of the songs from the Amelie sound track. Its very lovely
7 years ago
ibfrog (level 19) wrote:
Not a problem. Ondulations caught me as the best song on the recently submitted tab right now. I was just about to check out the rest of the music you've posted. Keep up the great work, you have some very pretty music here.
7 years ago
MusicSaves (level 29) wrote:
Thank you for the wonderfulness!!
I'll be back with all the hearts I can muster...
7 years ago
rtfuller0119 (level 34) wrote:
You're very welcome. You have created some very Beautiful music!!! I have enjoyed listening!! :)
7 years ago