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Nashville, TN

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Steve Oliver's new release "Lefty" is in the hands of the dj's! Give it a listen & give them a call!

Who is Steve Oliver? Steve is the best kept country secret in Nashville. With a smooth, deep, rich, sound; he's a phenomenal singer, songwriter, and multi-talented musician.

His writing buddies; Red Lane, ...Max D. Barnes, Vern Gosdin, Harlan Sanders, Mack Vickery, Hank Cochran, Dean Dillon, Donnie Kyees and many more encouraged him to "keep writing and singing because somebody's gonna hear that voice". Pretty World Records did hear and Steve's had two charting singles; "Mama's Kitchen Table" & "Rang Dang Do".

True to his small town Alabama roots, Steve's songs are the heart and soul of country music. He keeps it simple just like he is. As he would say, "You can only be what you are." His new release; "Lefty", is a treat for your ears, so sit back relax and enjoy!
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