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To our faithful listeners,

We've decided to formally shutdown thesixtyone.com -- our servers will go offline at midnight, May 1st 2017.

Artist tipping and music purchases will be functional until then, so please spend any remaining credits by month's end. 
A final payment will be made to artists following the shutdown.

thesixtyone was our baby for most of our twenties. We're incredibly sorry we weren't able to keep things going in the 
right direction.


Thank you for being a part of it.


James Miao & Samuel Hsiung

Straylight Run

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May 13 2009 The Note west chester, Pennsylvania
May 14 2009 the rock and roll hotel Washington DC
May 15 2009 SOZO state college, Pennsylvania
May 16 2009 crocodile rock allentown, Pennsylvania
May 17 2009 ollie’s point amityville, New York
May 19 2009 the middle east cambridge, Massachusetts
May 20 2009 PEARL STREET NIGHT CLUB northhampton, Massachusetts
May 22 2009 valentine’s albany, New York
May 23 2009 knitting factory new york, New York
May 24 2009 westcott theatre syracuse, New York
May 26 2009 mohawk place buffalo, New York
May 27 2009 diesel pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
May 28 2009 the blind pig ann arbor, Michigan
May 29 2009 the intersection grand rapids, Michigan
May 30 2009 the basement columbus, Ohio
Jun 1 2009 grog shop cleveland heights, Ohio
Jun 2 2009 subterranean chicago, Illinois
Jun 3 2009 triple rock!!! minneapolis, Minnesota
Jun 4 2009 the house of bricks des moines, Iowa
Jun 5 2009 majestic theatre madison, Wisconsin
Jun 6 2009 granada theater lawrence, Kansas
posted 7 years ago
we posted a new song!
we have new tour dates!
check myspace.com/straylightrun
posted 7 years ago
we're on tour

play xbox with us tomorrow!


uhm that's all

posted 8 years ago
some dudes left some band, then wrote some music, then some other dude came and started playing drums, then the one dudes sister came in and help write some songs and sing, then they drove around the US playing shows, then they went to the UK , then they put out a record, then that was cool, then they did an EP, then they went to korea, then they put out another record on a label that didn't really care about them and it bummed them out pretty bad, then they toured a bunch more, then the chick went to do a record of her own then the other dudes recorded some more songs and are about to go on tour.

we are all going to die.
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MBeeTeen (level 13) wrote:
I love your music. I actually just had you playing on itunes and then prom night came up...ah so glad you guys are still making music
7 years ago
caseythea (level 3) wrote:
Whoever classified this as "deathcore/metal" is an idiot! This song is great, and the video is INCREDIBLE! I suggest you go youtube it immediately!
7 years ago
ssabatine (level 29) wrote:
Great music here!...The Tension and the Terror is a great song too...my favorite!
7 years ago
alicrypt (level 12) wrote:
love your stuff :)
7 years ago
errriiinnn (level 23) wrote:
I'm so happy to see you guys on T61! I have been a fan for a long time now. Absolutely love your music <3
7 years ago
Stromer19 (level 31) wrote:
straylight killed me with "the slow descent" Remarkable song went with me through some dark times. Cheers Amazing artists.
7 years ago
Ryojo (level 9) wrote:
It figures that an amazing band would be playing in the North Eastern States after I move to Florida. Come visit me someday?
7 years ago
aprilday86 (level 9) wrote:
You were in Lawrence, KS in June? Bum deal. I so would of been there if I knew.
7 years ago
jm32austin (level 10) wrote:
I love the music. I've got to go see who the band WAS and who the band IS NOW. Great depth in your tunes. buzzie loves ya!
7 years ago
theRedPress wrote:
I liked the song a lot. It showed up as a 1.000 in similarity to my song, which I'm not sure is true but I liked it nonetheless. =D Cheers.
7 years ago
batface89 (level 45) wrote:
Just found out you guys are playing in Grand Rapids on Friday night! I'm totally going to be there!
7 years ago
egospring (level 39) wrote:
great show last night guys, really amazing to see you live. stoked that michelle could sing with you, pretty sure everyone there had goosebumps for existentialism. have a great rest of the tour, cheers
7 years ago
Quinndolyn (level 1) wrote:
this song is beautiful...i'm playing it at my wedding next year. Nice job guys. :')
7 years ago
verdy (level 24) wrote:
I love i'm through with the past. The piano running through it is great, and also, i was so pleasantly surprised by your refreshing use of elements that have been used before. You totally use them in an original way, and it's.....well.....surprising (sorry for the poor articulation, it's been along day at work) Anyway, i really like it.
7 years ago
philomath (level 45) wrote:
Great new song. Thanks for sharing.
7 years ago
SallySilvera (level 40) wrote:
Wow! good to see you back!
7 years ago
leold (level 14) wrote:
love you guys!
(common thread) but been a fan 4 a long time, really cool to see you here!
7 years ago
egospring (level 39) wrote:
pearl street's another great venue. that's going to be an amazing show for everyone out there.
7 years ago
egospring (level 39) wrote:
just saw you're going to be at the middle east on the 19th!

looking forward to that immensely
7 years ago
egospring (level 39) wrote:
7 years ago