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Leeds, United Kingdom

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Superpowerless is 23 year old Electro producer Oliver Hindle. Using video game consoles, guitar, vocals and an army of synths he attempts to corrupt the world and bring firey death upon his enemies.

Rather than spending time creating quality songs, he spends it playing video games to work out how global domination will be achieved.

Oliver became superpowerless 3 years ago after discovering the hidden powers of the gameboy and it's capability to destroy the entire world.

In order to play live, Oliver recruited some of his friends so that he didn't have to go through with surgery to attach more limbs. The operation would have been expensive and there was a good chance he would have no control over the extra arms.

In the year that they've been playing live, they have performed around 50 gigs, to in total, around 20 people. These 20 people were mainly the same person at 20 gigs. This might also be a bit of an overestimate.

Only time will tell whether superpowerless will achieve his mission. Feel free to join his massive army and help rain the firey death upon the world!
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