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The Blenheim Street Project came into being on July 23rd, 2007 with the release of “White Elephant”, their debut EP. Although, really, the Blenheim Street Project had been growing for years as Jasper Sloan Yip, the sole member of the BSP, quietly and secretly honed his craft in a small basement room off of Blenheim Street in Vancouver, Canada. These years of efforts produced pages of lyrics, a head full of recurring melodies, and a handful of crude four-track recordings. It wasn’t until late 2006 that Jasper decided to make his first record. The songs that eventually made their way onto “White Elephant” were created in unexpected and brief sessions, feverishly recorded late at night in the basement of Jasper’s childhood home. To capture his sound, Jasper had to rely on his innate sense of production, and the unique variety of noises he could produce with the objects in his home to overcome the limitations of his space and primitive equipment. The songs are full of spiraling melodies, thoughtful lyricism, and although each is unique from the rest, they are all connected by the space in which they were created. The four walls around Jasper’s “studio” were thin, and as his sound drifted out, the sounds of his house and family drifted in. Listen carefully for footsteps passing overhead, barking dogs, ticking clocks, and other unintentional noises marbled throughout “White Elephant”. Only three days after the release of “White Elephant”, Jasper boarded a one-way flight to Paris, embarking on a backpacking trip that lasted 297 days and spanned East and Western Europe, the UK, North Africa, and Turkey. The anxiety Jasper experienced leading up to this endeavor is very apparent in “White Elephant”. Take “Blue Jar Waltz” for instance, which, at its lyrical peak, paints a scene of two people floating on opposite sides of the Earth who sink through the bottomless ocean to meet in the middle. “My Heart is a Postcard” on the other hand, deals with the apprehension that comes with the gradual approach to separation from one’s loved ones. The time Jasper spent abroad provided him with the space and stimuli to dream up a variety of new material for the Blenheim Street Project’s next record. The lyrical potency, rhythmic and melodic creativity of this new material displays a drastic maturation in his songwriting style, and is slowly being noticed by those who come into contact with it. Since returning to his home on Blenheim Street in May of 2008, Jasper has been hurriedly writing and routinely performing around Vancouver with a renewed dedication and zeal for his music.

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