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Baltimore, MD

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Hi! My name is Jenny; I'm a singer/songwriter from Frederick, MD and currently reside in Baltimore where I play out every chance I get. I play both acoustic and full-band sets depending on the venue. I recently recorded demo tracks with Secret Sound Studios and am ready to share my music with the world!

I have sang all my life through different outlets including: choir, music theatre, acapella...and let's be honest...karaoke nights!! But after college, I wanted to put music at the forefront so I picked up the guitar and started writing. I haven't looked back since!

I am a passionate singer and strive to write music that reaches out and resides in people. My inspirations come from relationships with friends & family, my roots, my current surroundings, and life lessons. I respect artists across all genres of music and love adding these different flavors into my original work.
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