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Jenny Leigh Freeman

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posted 7 years ago
The Jenny Leigh Band will be opening for Josh Gracin on December 11th at Towson University!
posted 7 years ago
Song "Set Me Free" was featured on two Baltimore Country Radio Stations this weekend! 98.7 WMZQ and 93.1 WPOC!!
posted 7 years ago
Song "Set Me Free" was featured on 98.7 WMZQ last night!!
posted 7 years ago
The Jenny Leigh Band adds 3 new members! Please welcome Rob Lingeman on the drums, Mike Eichhorn on the bass, and Steve Hodgkins on the lead guitar. Look for us at the ESPN Zone in Baltimore next Friday, 8/28!
posted 7 years ago
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Hi! My name is Jenny; I'm a singer/songwriter from Frederick, MD and currently reside in Baltimore where I play out every chance I get. I play both acoustic and full-band sets depending on the venue. I recently recorded demo tracks with Secret Sound Studios and am ready to share my music with the world!

I have sang all my life through different outlets including: choir, music theatre, acapella...and let's be honest...karaoke nights!! But after college, I wanted to put music at the forefront so I picked up the guitar and started writing. I haven't looked back since!

I am a passionate singer and strive to write music that reaches out and resides in people. My inspirations come from relationships with friends & family, my roots, my current surroundings, and life lessons. I respect artists across all genres of music and love adding these different flavors into my original work.
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Doug Jackson wrote:
I like you voice and the feel you put into The Breakup Song... This style always feels good... It's both gentle and powerfully attractive... Great work... Doug
7 years ago
Left Arm Tan wrote:
excellent voice and presentation. i just joined and was cruising through song after song that was pretty lackluster until I hit your Break Up Song. it was the first song i actually stopped on and listened the entirety. i went to your site and checked out the others. i really like jealousy as well. i would "heart" your songs, but i have learned that i can't as an artist, so i thought i would comment. i will look for more. who are your major influences?
7 years ago
eno (level 30) wrote:
I enjoyed all the songs.
Thanks for sharing.
7 years ago
johnbfcu (level 2) wrote:
The demo songs that you've made are really good and I'll be waiting for more if you make an album. Do you have a Facebook page or Myspace site or anything like that?

I think your voice is particularly suited to songs that are a bit faster and harder; you should make more of those.
7 years ago
jeden (level 24) wrote:
Hey Jenny! Good to hear you on here! Come play/hangout in DC!
7 years ago
zirconet (level 36) wrote:
Great music, THK!!!
Bye from Italy

P.S:: more BIO, please
7 years ago
TKLo12 (level 30) wrote:
you've really got talent! looking forward to more =)
7 years ago
attaboy (level 27) wrote:
Cool song Jenny
7 years ago