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The Kickdrums

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New Interview!

posted 7 years ago
posted 7 years ago

The Kickdrums - When I Come Down from The Kickdrums on Vimeo.
posted 7 years ago
Kickdrums is comprised of producer/singer/songwriter Alex Fitts (Fitts) and dj/producer Matt Penttila (Tilla). After producing and/or officially remixing for artists such as 50 Cent, Jay Z, Adelle, Kanye West, Kid Cudi, Fall Out Boy, and many others, Kickdrums re-emerge with a new original sound all their own in their debut album "Just a Game." As artists, Fitts provides vocals and song writing while both produce the tracks and perform the material live. Kickdrums plan to tour in support of "Just a Game" and recently completed a video for the lead single directed by Rik Cordero.
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marcares (level 32) wrote:
KIck-ass music and more!
11 months ago
Context Quote wrote:
yo! Glad to see "animal" getting it's due love. that is the jam. nice default!
7 years ago
Pandoraa (level 8) wrote:
Travel Should Take You Places, so riveting and meaningful to me.
7 years ago
turtlspace (level 13) wrote:
love your music, really and truly. it's powerful.
7 years ago
zenfira (level 38) wrote:
new track is very very beautiful!
7 years ago
faberex (level 43) wrote:
Awesome stuff .........cat always your fan
7 years ago
drbreen17 (level 7) wrote:
Things Work Out: awesome song, absolutely love it
7 years ago
AnujSuper9 (level 25) wrote:
I've been listening to your band's songs all day. It has been amazing, and thank you so much for having so much of your music on here!! :)
7 years ago
lukesdrad (level 9) wrote:
Animal is amazing!
7 years ago
TDeL (level 5) wrote:
slipping away is phenomenal
7 years ago
faberex (level 43) wrote:
Nice production, great tunes, I'm a fan.
7 years ago
zaome (level 39) wrote:
woow ! Slipping Away is another really good good song, thanks
7 years ago
djjd007 (level 40) wrote:
Hi, Thanks for Another Great Song !
Love all your stuff, keep up the great work! :-)
I was lucky to find it, and very happy, Cheers!
7 years ago
Maitreius (level 7) wrote:
Counting On You! Amazing track! And you know those songs where the intro rocks, and then the key change completely fucking ruins it? This isn't one of those. Bloody brilliant. I just wish I could buy on itunes. I guess I'll have to buy your other good songs. I wonder when we're going to see you on the charts. This is a hit though. It wouldn't surprise me in the least if one day I saw this tune charting high on Billboard.
7 years ago
WhiteAsh (level 25) wrote:
amazing sound!!!
7 years ago
UncleSlam (level 21) wrote:
I don't know how you did it, but I like your music like I enjoy Cake's music - I can listen to it a bunch and it never gets old, and there isn't a song I dislike!
7 years ago
Broke For Free wrote:
The day Just A Game was released was the day I decided to get Ableton and start producing. needless to say, thank you! Just joined the site a couple days ago, come see what you've inspired, as ridiculous as that sounds
Keep em comin,
7 years ago
jackt60 (level 25) wrote:
great stuff!
7 years ago
faberex (level 43) wrote:
surprised..another good one
7 years ago
musicmissionary (level 32) wrote:
Wow. Counting on You is a killer song!
7 years ago