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The Long Division

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"The World Turns Blue" is an unused track that was written back in Feb 08 -- figured it was better served on t61 than just living a lonely life on my harddrive.
posted 7 years ago
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Myspace: The Long Division

Music Video for ABILITY here

Music video for MAGIC MUFFIN here

posted 8 years ago
The Long Division is an internet collaboration between David Gonzalez and Jef Vandertogt. After only knowing each other for only a month, they completed their first EP, “Multiply.” Their second EP titled, “Short Trips To Space” was released in May 2008.

On myspace? Send us a friend request - Myspace: The Long Division

Be sure to check out our new videos for Magic Muffin and Ability

You can NOW purchase our EP and Singles here

Band Site

Other Projects for Jef Vandertogt
The Moon and Monday
s-cape artist with the moon and monday

Other Projects for David Gonzalez:
Odd Year
David Gonzalez
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marcares (level 32) wrote:
Cosmic and cosmopolitan in sound and sauce.
11 months ago
cynthiannette (level 9) wrote:
Completely digging Honey Pot right now. thanks!
7 years ago
TJCyeye (level 21) wrote:
internet collab ftw!
7 years ago
kingofbeggers (level 9) wrote:
Great stuff
7 years ago
cfrog7 (level 26) wrote:
the new girl in school is always pleasant to listen to
never get tired of it
as well as much of your other stuff
7 years ago
skyfaller (level 21) wrote:
Hey there, it turns out that it was my system, it was an intermittent problem that apparently happened to occur when I played your song and not the Mines' :P Everything sounds fine now that I have a new computer. Sorry for the false alarm!
7 years ago
The Long Division wrote:
hey Skyfaller! give me an email address and I'll send a link to were you can download Neighbors at 320 kbps. send ur email to thelongdiv (at) gmail.com
7 years ago
skyfaller (level 21) wrote:
I just bought "Neighbors", but it sounds overmodulated and crackle-y. Is anyone else having this problem? The other song I bought from TheSixtyOne ("The Beach" by the Mines) sounds a lot better/cleaner, so it's not a problem with my system.
7 years ago
EarthboundEar (level 24) wrote:
Inspiration is a nice, warm sweater to wear right now. Thanks for it! It fits!
7 years ago
graciellita wrote:
like most of these tunes.
7 years ago
88 (level 31) wrote:
horribly late notification, but if you have any backstock tracks or a LOT of free time, you should think about submitting some fresh tracks to www.electrofreakspresent.com :D
7 years ago
Truthseeker (level 32) wrote:
More songs coming soon? I miss your tunes.
8 years ago
88 (level 31) wrote:
looks like your Bio link to the Ability video leads me to the same vid as Magic Muffin. Hmmmm
8 years ago
Lili Bee wrote:
I like your Music!!! NICE!! Atmosphere
8 years ago
Beat7 wrote:
Amazing work!!!
8 years ago
88 (level 31) wrote:
new girl in school is one of the best discoveries on T61
8 years ago
loren (level 12) wrote:
hey, like the songs, keep it up :)

8 years ago
Delphi (level 24) wrote:
Great stuff.
8 years ago
Yahel wrote:
nice sounds.
8 years ago
kafkajoubert (level 39) wrote:
You're very welcome
8 years ago