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the Naked Hearts

pop     126 listeners
posted 8 years ago
We used to play in a van down by the river.
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launderground (level 12) wrote:
come to los angeles.
8 years ago
strick414 (level 44) wrote:
All good, thnx for the clarification. Love the material!
8 years ago
eatabialy (level 30) wrote:
what happened to the first "call me" that you uploaded?
8 years ago
Ahrk (level 31) wrote:
Here I sit with fingers crossed hoping for a new track or two.
8 years ago
mrts (level 31) wrote:
Sounds good to me...
8 years ago
gbakergb (level 42) wrote:
"Call Me" is a HIT!
8 years ago
mrvelvet (level 20) wrote:
I can't wait to hear these once they've been mastered... I love them already...
8 years ago