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New York, NY

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New York based indie pop/rock group The Narrative is a perfect example of how sometimes things just seem to fall into place When guitarist/vocalist Jesse Gabriel posted a three page long Craigslist ad defining exactly what he wanted out of a musical relationship, there was no way he could have predicted that the most promising response would be from someone he grew up practically around the corner from but never knew.

Jesse and keyboardist/vocalist Suzie Zeldin met for the first time in person over a slice of mediocre New York pizza and learned that not only did they go to high school together, but that they also shared many identical musical interests. The two spent much of the next year heading from their nine-to-fives to Suzie’s cramped Upper East Side apartment to craft their first tunes, many of which would become The Narrative’s first release, the Just Say Yes EP.

Since then, they have seen front page features on MySpace and Purevolume, multiple TV and film placements and have grown a dedicated fan base around the world.

They have awesome smiles and are not really that athletic.

For more information, visit,, and or find us on twitter (@the_narrative).
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