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Discovered by Restproof and commented1 time
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Discovered by theonus and commented0 times
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fuzzyorangebug (level 37) wrote:
I don't suppose you are still around? Sam fixed the website so everything is back to normal and a solid user base of 300 or so people regularly use the site now. Would love to have you among us.
9 months ago
saritalr (level 42) wrote:
Thanks for the subscribe - resubscribing + RB
5 years ago
AnnieB (level 43) wrote:
lol you too?! redbaron just msg'd me a few days ago about the link to the old site too. anyway, i hope things are well with you!
6 years ago
Eyes Lips Eyes wrote:
Is Theonus short for Thelonius? I'm glad you posted that Unsound Constructions track. It's quite peaceful. By the way, we're posting a new track tomorrow at 5pm PST. Feel free to check it out.
7 years ago
eatabagel (level 21) wrote:
RB 153 - Chalmers - They Looking Cross-Eyed
7 years ago
King Tut wrote:
new song! "come home"! oh my god!
7 years ago
waltdiggs (level 24) wrote:
yep...p swayze rip
7 years ago
brokeMC wrote:
Show tonight at Webster Hall Studio!! with Metermaids, Prolyphic (strange famous), Educated Consumers, etc... come out !!! 9:30pm 19+, $10, 125 E 11th St
7 years ago
badtouch wrote:
onus, onus, onus

still featuring one of my tracks?

noble, but tragic.

badtouch will never post.

he's too extra.

new track up.

7 years ago
rosellastreett (level 24) wrote:
hi thonus.
nice playlists :)
7 years ago
bartzturkeymom (level 37) wrote:

RB148-Cosmic Love-Love Motel
7 years ago
bartzturkeymom (level 37) wrote:
Hey friend - I'm doing the bounty hunter quest and you're my target, so let me know if you log in today :)
7 years ago
bartzturkeymom (level 37) wrote:
Hey there fellow drifter :) Just dropping by to see what's playing on your radio

RB147-Al About You-Jupiter Skydive
7 years ago
King Tut wrote:
a slew of new songs up! literally! like a whole bunch! also t61 exclusive: go to "albums" click on "seven inch ep" and hear our first studio recordings! (downloadable for $1, will help us pay for pressing on vinyl!)
7 years ago
The Speed of Sound in Seawater wrote:
Hey there! I noticed you hearted a Maps and Atlases song and I figured you might enjoy our tunes as well if you're into them. Thanks so much for your time!

Hope you're having a hoot and a half on this day of fathers.
7 years ago
Thiefbone (level 36) wrote:
Hey theonus. I noticed that you'd hearted Ve's Think of the Dead quite a bit. Thought you'd might like to know there's now a tribute video for it at:
Running it in fullscreen on High Quality is recommended. Also giving your radio the 142nd spin while I'm here (Jeanette Hawkin's Changing the World), have a good weekend! :)
7 years ago
rootlessroom (level 28) wrote:
Thanks for the link, you sure know how to find the good stuff. Hope all is well.
7 years ago
The Sunshine Factory wrote:
Here is another one just that quick. MY LOVE.. We are going to play them live tomorrow night for the first time as well. Wish us luck. Thanks for everything.
7 years ago
The Sunshine Factory wrote:
New song: SKIN AS SMOOTH AS PORCELAIN. Therefore you are! (Hopefully)
Say hey when you get a chance.
7 years ago
T61 is dead dead dead wrote:
new song has been loaded

hope it is a blast

7 years ago