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Lawrence, KS

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"In alternate lifetimes throughout history, Mark probably would have been venturing the world with Marco Polo, enjoying good conversations with Ghandi, following Jesus around Galilee, helping free the enslaved through the Underground Railroad, and been stoned to death 2 or 3 times by the religious right of the day.

Being born in the early 1980's, he is now able to incorporate all of those mythical past lives into his current life as a songwriter - immersing himself in the beauty and intricacies of various cultures, hearing the stories of the oppressed and exploited, and sharing these experiences with us through honest lyrics and compelling melodies.

Past adventures that are actually firmly rooted in reality include: helping build a village for the deaf in Jamaica, hanging out with children in the Mexican slums and Belarussian orphanages, living in Japan for a year as an "artist in residence," and recording with Nashvilian/singer/songwriter/producer Andrew Osenga (The Normals, Caedmon's Call).

Now he invites us into a world where love walks beside the afflicted, hatred is repaid with compassion, and true beauty catches us by surprise."

theothermarkmiller's passion is for loving those who often go unnoticed, and bringing other people to them to love them in practical ways that will change their lives forever. This is the focal point and reason for his life and music. Oh, and he likes tea and toe socks... a lot. It's really pretty ridiculous.

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