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To our faithful listeners,

We've decided to formally shutdown thesixtyone.com -- our servers will go offline at midnight, May 1st 2017.

Artist tipping and music purchases will be functional until then, so please spend any remaining credits by month's end. 
A final payment will be made to artists following the shutdown.

thesixtyone was our baby for most of our twenties. We're incredibly sorry we weren't able to keep things going in the 
right direction.


Thank you for being a part of it.


James Miao & Samuel Hsiung


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If you haven't pre-ordered the new album yet, now is a GREAT time! I am going to give 40% of all pre-order sales from now through February 21 to relief work in Haiti!
At my site you can:

1. Listen to some of the new songs in progress
2. Find out what sweet extras you can get by pre-ordering
3. Pre-order and send $4 out of every $10 spent to Haiti!

I would love, love, love to send them a few thousand $ this month, so if you would repost this and also visit www.theothermarkmiller.com I would appreciate it greatly (and so will Haiti)!
posted 7 years ago
And here's a little extra Christmas present - all of my songs here on thesixtyone are available for free download between Christmas and New Years - so grab some tunes and tell your friends!!!
posted 7 years ago
Final winners of the 12 days are announced!

Day 1 - Matthias Smith - Threshold CD
Day 2 - Lendi (t61) - Threshold CD, handwritten lyric sheet, pre-order of new album
Day 3 - Alex Makin (facebook, twitter, t61) - Threshold CD and mystery gift
Day 4 - googie (t61, facebook) - 2 Threshold CDs
Day 5 - Ben Gerber (facebook/twitter) - Threshold CD and handwritten lyric sheet
Day 6 - Hillary Davis (facebook) - Threshold CD and handwritten lyric sheet
Day 7 - chiefhigh (t61) - Threshold CD and handwritten lyric sheet
Day 8 - Kimberly Lyons - Threshold CD and theothermarkmiller shirt
Day 9 - Kellen Kershner (facebook) - 2 copies of Threshold
Day 10 - Susabelle (t61) - Threshold CD and handwritten lyric sheet
Day 11 - drablos (t61) - Threshold CD and handwritten lyric sheet
Day 12 -Carly Peterson - Threshold CD, handwritten lyric sheet, pre-order of new album

Prizes will be going out next week (snowed in at the moment)

Congratulations to all the winners!
posted 7 years ago
During the contest we gained nearly 500 new fans, had over 2500 hits to www.theothermarkmiller.com, gave away more than a dozen CDs/extra gifts, and generally had a blast! Merry Christmas everyone!
posted 7 years ago
Todays winner is Kellen Kershner via facebook in the 12 days of Christmas give away! He wins 2 copies of Threshold!! 3 days of Christmas left!


Next prize is 1 copy of Threshold!
posted 7 years ago
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We like stalkers:

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Reverb Nation


"In alternate lifetimes throughout history, Mark probably would have been venturing the world with Marco Polo, enjoying good conversations with Ghandi, following Jesus around Galilee, helping free the enslaved through the Underground Railroad, and been stoned to death 2 or 3 times by the religious right of the day.

Being born in the early 1980's, he is now able to incorporate all of those mythical past lives into his current life as a songwriter - immersing himself in the beauty and intricacies of various cultures, hearing the stories of the oppressed and exploited, and sharing these experiences with us through honest lyrics and compelling melodies.

Past adventures that... (+) expand
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drablos (level 42) wrote:
Ouch...i forgot, thanks for the Christmas card too, it was so nice !
7 years ago
drablos (level 42) wrote:
Thank you very much for the beautiful lyric sheet and the cd ! :-D I love the music, i'm playing the cd for the kids right now, and they are really enjoying it too! :-)

God Bless you and yours!
7 years ago
randomkid77 (level 4) wrote:
I like your stuff!
I've just been introduced to T61 so i'm having lots of fun finding new music!! :)
7 years ago
susabelle (level 13) wrote:
It's official. I am now a groupie. In advance of the US postal services, thank you so much for the CD (already played in its entirety) and the handwritten lyric sheet (which is already taking pride of place in my home office workspace). Continued success my dear!
7 years ago
googie (level 31) wrote:
Thank you Mark! I got the CDs yesterday!! :-) Awesome! I had a great Christmas! I hope yours was wonderful and that you have a fantastic 2010! May it be the year all your dreams come true! :-)
7 years ago
Iendi (level 21) wrote:
Thank you! I'm really looking forward to it. I had a nice and resting holiday and I hope you had the same.
The cold have really gripped us now -19F today! So it's indoors for me today.

I have to look up that McDonalds, see how far it is from me. If not to far I can go there and then tell you alla about it :)
7 years ago
susabelle (level 13) wrote:
Thanks in advance! "Holidaying" back in the US is quite nice especially being with family after such a long time. There were moments of melancholy, especially New Year's Eve which is quite a formal event in France. We sit at a beautiful table for hours on end with champagne overflowing, oysters, fish, meat, cheese, desserts, etc. No buffets allowed!
7 years ago
amishbobinc (level 1) wrote:
Whats my mystery gift??? lol. Thanks Mark. Merry Christmas!!

oh by the way I'm engaged. shhhh. its a not overly known fact yet. hehe...
7 years ago
drablos (level 42) wrote:
You are featured! I got an fb, and you disapeard out but no you are back and are there to stay :-)
7 years ago
JonseyMcFly (level 13) wrote:
O what's this.
7 years ago
soundsgood (level 43) wrote:
hello there, mark, and happy monday to you! featuring january in december ;)
7 years ago
googie (level 31) wrote:
Thanks Mark! :-) *twirls around the room doing my version of the happy dance*
7 years ago
gretchen (level 35) wrote:
januaryyy still my feature..:)

happy holidayss!!
7 years ago
dupsmom (level 23) wrote:
Featuring Called to Love - love it so much I'm giving it more hearts!
7 years ago
mikeymouse60 (level 26) wrote:
Found your music on lendi's home page. Great songs! Listening to January and throwing hearts your way. Thanks for posting your music on T61!
7 years ago
googie (level 31) wrote:
Still featured sir! :-)
7 years ago
gretchen (level 35) wrote:
morninn Mark....am featuringg January!!..thats such a great song...all of them are.//and i added u to ,my facebook !! :)
7 years ago
liam7777 (level 32) wrote:
You're featured Mark!
7 years ago
rossmudrick (level 14) wrote:
Just keep making great music.
7 years ago
CesarJulius (level 36) wrote:
and i did listen to your other songs. the overall production of 56, especially the instrumentation and the drums (sound and style of playing) take it to a place very different from your other tracks, which very much suits my taste. as i am not into christian folk, there is not a lot in the others that really grabs me. they are all solid, but kind of bland. 56 is so much more interesting sonically than the others. how do you feel about it, compared to your other work?
7 years ago