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The Quince

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1. 925studio
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posted 6 years ago
Like a night train that takes you through desolate places haunted by ghosts of the past, the music of The Quince moves quietly through emotional landscapes of whisper-like vocals, strings, and brushed drums. Lyrical and subtle, the music of The Quince is a personal statement far removed from the mainstream.

Songs included here are a selection of recordings made in Denmark, Bosnia, and the US.

We hope that you find something for yourself here, even if only in the silences that hover above words, and last longer, much longer than these songs ever could.
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rolthemuso (level 22) wrote:
Rains is great bro, well done!
4 months ago
loverscollide (level 7) wrote:
i love your music so much!!!
6 years ago
cr (level 32) wrote:
Please post more songs or tell us where we can buy your music.
Your stuff is so good.
6 years ago
queenie523 (level 11) wrote:
Great to listen to "Before the snow"at night time, I can imagine that kind of loneliness and emptiness when I'm wondering on the street. Anyway, I've hearted it :-) Keep posting new tracks!!

Queenie xx
6 years ago
marissafredriks (level 16) wrote:
Sorry I didn't have any hearts when I left my comment about "Before The Snow". I max hearted it today. It's gorgeous and it helped me sleep.
6 years ago
ky (level 40) wrote:
Pleasure's all mine Rafco --- looking forward to the next set! ; )
6 years ago
cr (level 32) wrote:
You're welcome...your music totally caught me by surprise. It's sooo good.
Can't wait to hear more. Welcome to T61.
6 years ago
pidderpat (level 31) wrote:
Rains is haunting and gorgeous. the harmonica is just right.
6 years ago
fiercekitti69 (level 28) wrote:
welcome to t61! thank you for the music!
6 years ago