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"Fullerton-based quintet The Steelwells make big, open-hearted music that’ll put a smile on your suburban angst quicker than an afternoon latté or four open lanes at the Orange Crush." -Buzz Bands LA

" excellent EP, 'Shallow on the Draft'—which showcases a broad range of vocal styles and sounds in just seven songs, from the infectious ‘El Capitan’ to the moody ‘Boxes’..." - Albert Ching, LA Record

"...heavy on pristine melodies, chugging rhythms and “whoa-whoa-whoas.” It’s the kind of formula that should at least prick some music supervisors’ ears if not win some fans’ hearts." - Buzz Bands LA

"Think dreamy, Pet Sounds-era melodies filled with varying textures and lush harmonies. Singing about shipwrecked crews and broken relationships, the young Fullerton band's recent EP 'Shallow On The Draft' is a pre-party lullaby." - Riviera Magazine
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