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James Miao & Samuel Hsiung

This is lizzard

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Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls. We are proud as punch to announce the arrival of our latest musical achievement...   The Orcas Sessions!

This brand new 6-track unplugged EP is now available on bandcamp. When you download the EP, you receive the official album artwork + lyrics as PDF + the "Christmas in Summertime" video, all for only $5.99!

We'll let you know as soon as the album is available for sale on iTunes, Amazon MP3, and more...

A huge massive thank you to our dear friend and musical soul-mate, Gene Nery for making this EP possible - it just wouldn't be the Orcas Sessions without him.

The album is dedicated to and inspired by the lasting friendships we've made on Orcas Island, our home away from home. We hope you love listening to it as much as we loved making it!

Order a physical copy of the limited edition digipak EP for only €7,50 (not including shipping) here!

Christmas in Summertime Video
 Watch the official Christmas in Summertime video clip!

Handicap This! Won't Give Up
Each month, we dedicate the title track of our debut album, "Won't Give Up" to an especially inspiring person or organization that shows us what never giving up really means. This month it's Handicap This!, an empowering theater group that travels the country conquering society's judgments about people who live with limitations, using positive energy and powerful drama. Hats off to them for never giving up!

*For our fans in the Netherlands: don't miss our live performance on December 14th at the Christmas market in Westdorpe! We'll be playing at 16.30, 17.30, 18.30 and finally at 19.45.

Happy holidays from This is lizzard!

posted 5 years ago
With one week to go, This is lizzard is getting ultra excited about the release of the new EP, 'The Orcas Sessions'. This transcontinental production in collaboration with third member of the band, Orcas Island local and awesome multi-instrumentalist, Gene Nery, will be available next week!!

After working 13 years on our debut album 'Won't Give Up', we decided not to wait too long with a second. Actually, the idea to record these songs was a spontaneous one. We were rehearsing for a gig in Gene's living room last Summer when we said to each other: "We should've recorded that!" So we got together and did just that. And more. Gene sent additional recordings over the internet to Roland, who put it all together, then mixed and mastered the whole thing here in Stolk Music Studio.

We just can't wait to share it with you!

One week left to listen to the sneak preview track 'Wake Up and Dream' here!

Christmas Single
Next week is also the unveiling of our original holiday song, "Christmas in Summertime" (which is also included in the EP). It's an unplugged Christmas song in our unique style, which focuses on one of our main themes - being far away from the ones we love.
(Our fans down under should get a kick out of it too, as they really do get to spend Christmas in the summertime!)
We'll be releasing it together with an awesome new video clip next week!

Upcoming Performance
December 14, Westdorpe Christmas Market
Times t.b.a.
We will also have copies of 'Won't Give Up' and the brand new EP 'The Orcas Sessions' for sale - come on by, enjoy the market and the music!
It's Not Easy Being Green
We are still going green in support of Greenpeace Nederland this month, and would like to pay special attention to their latest action against the building of a second nuclear power plant in the south of Holland and burying the waste under the ground... They sure know how to get their point across! Here's to Greenpeace for never giving up!
posted 5 years ago

We are super-excited to announce that This is lizzard's upcoming unplugged album, "The Orcas Sessions" is in the final stages of production! The 6-track EP will be available next month!
For our fans only: Here is the sneak preview track "Wake Up and Dream"!
And hey, let us know what you think - we'd love to hear from you!
The track will be available for streaming until December 1st!"The Orcas Sessions" is an unplugged, trans-continental production, in collaboration with awesome multi-instrumentalist and third member of the band, Gene Nery. Anyone who knows us, knows that Orcas is our home away from home, and the album is inspired and motivated by the lasting friendships and musical inspiration we have there!This is lizzard Goes Green!This month, This is lizzard is going green in support of the number one environmental organization Greenpeace. When it comes to protecting our Earth, they don't know the meaning of giving up!
We performed live at the Rainbow Warrior III Festival
We dedicate "Won't Give Up" to you this month - thank you, Greenpeace, for never giving up! in Amsterdam on November 4th and were overwhelmed by the warm and dedicated volunteers who made us feel right at home there.Award Spotlight

November 17th is the 2011 Hollywood Music in Media Award Ceremony and the title track of our album "Won't Give Up" has been nominated for best Pop song! It's going to be a killer event - our US promoter will be on the scene so we will keep you posted on this star-studded red-carpet event!

We've also been nominated for the Starliners Radio Indie Award - show us the love and cast your vote while you still can!

And finally, don't forget to join our Facebook page for up-to-the-minute updates on "The Orcas Sessions" - when it's ready for release, you'll be the first to know!

posted 5 years ago
"Voice of an Angel *****
All cuts are remarkable and the lead/title single "Won't Give Up' dazzles.
This group has a big future not only in Western Europe, but abroad as well. Lizanne Hennessey has the voice of an angel. Move over Dido!"
- Linda Bokach, iTunes - Nov 6, 2011

This is lizzard was founded by American singer/lyricist Lizanne Hennessey and Dutch musician/composer Roland Stolk. Their music is based on pop/rock and strengthened by a mix of their favorite genres, including funk, soul, reggae and country.

Lizanne and Roland formed This is lizzard in 1998 and have never stopped making music since. Thirteen years later, they released their debut album, 'Won't Give Up'. The title says it all. They never did give up, and won't give up when it comes to fulfilling their dreams and sharing their music.
Their second album, an unplugged EP called 'The Orcas Sessions', is due for release in Christmas 2012. The 6-track EP is a transcontinental collaboration with American musician/singer Gene Nery and includes an original Christmas song as well as an intimate live version of Tom Petty's "Free Fallin'".

Lizanne Hennessey was born in the United States and is a singer/lyricist by n... (+) expand
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