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Oslo, Norway

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What should one write about himself? Well, I guess I've been creating music ever since i first put my hands on a guitar ten years ago. Since then I've also been using a lot of programs on the computer to make music, starting with an old version of Guitar Pro, then Fruityloops and now Reason 4.0 and Cubase SX. I guess I use a combination of all those programs nowadays, and I tend to create a lot of different songs in different genres while trying to find my own style. I feel I am getting there slowly, but I'll probably be uploading some varied music on this site - so you'll never know what my next song will be like. I'm quite affected by my passion for video games and movies, and I guess most of my songs are made with a special memory of a game, movie, or of course something that I've experienced in my life in mind.

I also have a thing for never completing my songs, so I have a lot of unfinished business to do. So, I guess I'll see you later.
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