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San Francisco, CA

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Tokyo Raid is a 3 piece rock band from San Francisco. Described as a brave fuzzy cocktail of neo-psyche, garage, punk and straight ahead rock.

Toyko Raid started as The Mandarins in early November of 2004. The Mandarins were formed by singer-guitarist Ben Utah, organist Ailene Bui and drummer Mike Manocchi in 2004; guitarist Dean Taylor joined them in 2005.

In 2008, the Mandarins were revamped and the new sound was christened with a new moniker, Tokyo Raid by Ben and Mike Thompson. Ben had met Mike through a band they both filled in for. Switching to bass, Ben and Mike auditioned guitarists. Striped down to a lean three piece. Tokyo Raid quickly put together a lean, tight set, expanding on ideas presented on Cleopatra. Mike's thunderous drumming gave a new life to old songs and brought a fierceness not seen in the previous outings the band. Tokyo Raid is often cited for their ferocious live show. In March of 2011, Ty Gerhardt (Song for Snakes, The Girlfriend Experience) joined on guitar.

In 2005, Tokyo Raid released two self-produced EP's, ''Pictures of Prague'' and 'When The Devil Calls, Tell Him To Take A Number''. In 2006, The band recorded their third EP, entitled ''Cleopatra''. Dave Han (bass) of Astral and Cary LaScala (drums) of Bellavista contributed to the EP. Cleopatra was recorded at Take Root Studios with Producer/Engineer Scott Tusa. The band released their fourth EP, the self-titled Tokyo Raid in summer of 2009. Tokyo Raid announced a digitally remastered re-release of 'Cleopatra' that will be available for the first time as a whole collection of songs. Their music is available on iTunes,,, other digital retailers and through the band directly.

Tokyo Raid have finished recording new songs at Tiny Telephone with engineer Ian Pellici (Deerhoof, Rogue Wave, Hauschka) and announced they will be releasing this collection as a set of singles. The first single is "Classic Diversion". "Classic Diversion" will be released to Rock Band Network in 2011.

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