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Kometkameratene Behind-The-Music: You can watch episodes directly from NRK or download official torrents. There is also a list of each behind-the-music entry. NEW: You can watch the whole video over at NRK Super.

We are writing a song about senses, of course the first thing that pops into my head is 60ies psychedelia, and Doors in particular. For kids, this setup will fly above their heads but hopefully the grownups will appreciate the reference.

I wrote a beautiful piece of silly and simple psychedelic poetry, here's an excerpt:

Kan du smake vind?

Kan du høre vann?

Kan du se et smell?

Hva er lukten av et fjell?

Do you taste the wind?

Do you listen to the water?

Do you see the noise?

How does a mountain smell?


Kan du føle,

Vinden brøle?

Kan du merke,

At sansene er sterke?
Do you feel,

How the wind screams?

Do you sense,

How your senses make sense?


It sounds better in Norwegian. After writing the lyrics, I dressed them in a very 60ies rock sound, with compulsory sitar. I suppose the influence of this track is rather obvious (harr harr).

The first version was much longer and better than this broadcast version, with more of my excellent poetry and more room for each instrument and vocals to build, creating a finer linear structure. However there isn't much time for the music videos in each episode so we reduced the track to the essentials.

Kometkameratene - Sanser / Senses by GMM

From this track the production team cooked up a hilarious video, spinning further on the 60ies theme.


I think this track is great, it nails the 60ies in a respectful parody. But retrospectively I'm a little bit concerned we're having more fun as adults than the kids do, it doesn't talk too well to kids. But thats OK, most tracks in the series prioritize the kids first, we're allowed to do some grown-up jokes too, this one was too good to let pass.




posted 7 years ago

I'm writing and producing music for a Norwegian sci-fi TV series for kids, Kometkameratene.

The latest episodes of the show are now available in full HD quality, as torrents from NRK. This is pretty cool and I'm quite proud to be part of one of the most modern, forward-thinking series at NRK.

According to NRK the episodes can only be available for 30 days, due to certain rights issues. Rest assured this is not because of my contract.

I'm a little bit behind on the regular "making of" for each episode. They'll be coming here rather soon, working on them now.

For returning readers, you'll have to excuse this occasional explanation of Kometkameratene in the introduction. Web stats inform me there is a continuous growing number of new readers (hello, noobs), which is great, I'd just like to have everyone informed on whats going on and why I talk about it.

posted 7 years ago

Wow, Rhizome is running a whole week of documentaries on electronic music!

As usual I haven't the faintest moment of time to dive into this right now, but these are seriously bookmarked.

So far it's only been two days into the series, but they have unearthed delights such as Magic Music From The Telharmonium, The Alchemists Of Sound from the BBC and a program on Max Mathews and Miller Puckette (Miller is the originator behind Max/MSP and Max is named after... guess who.)

posted 7 years ago

Ah, excellent, my world domination plans are coming into action!

My own label Uncanny Planet has signed a sub-licensing deal with South-Korean company FeelMusic, one of the largest record companies in South Korea, with focus on importing up-and-coming international artists and placing music in films, TV and ads.

This means most of my music and projects will be promoted and available in South Korea, where iTunes and Spotify et.al. are not available yet.

I very much looking forward to this collaboration, I have always wanted to visit Korea. I am fascinated with how quickly the Koreans have embraced digital and mobile opportunities for music, and in general how wired they are. They're in the future.

I haven't had any albums for distribution there yet, but the Harakiri Martini music video went viral in South Korea first, before anywhere else. A tiny part of me starts to dream of playing live in Seoul. What is a Monday without deceptive illusions of grandeur?

posted 7 years ago

Next live show, and my first show of the decennium, is a new gig in my concert series at Kafe Edvard, February 27th 2010. As usual, lots of Ugress classics and new tracks, and finally, I'm playing live with Shadow Of The Beat again!

I did a few gigs with SOTB  back in 2005 and 2006, around the release of the Nanokaravan debut album. Since then I have written a few tracks for the project over the years, and I've toyed with developing spooky visuals, but haven't played or released anything, except the Shadow Vault which was mostly a compilation of older tracks. Forcing a live show on myself is a good step towards a new release.

I'm not sure how to classify current SOTB, it has equal amounts of sordid organic darkness, frenetic drum and base, massive dubstep, and glitchy industrial horror-noise. The visuals are equally dirty and sordid. I know dubstep is en route to massive sellout these days, but coincidentally, it turns out my superhero skill is a fierce resistance to hypes and trends. So industrial, organic dubstep it is.

I'll be back with more specifics as the date approach.

posted 7 years ago
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Artist website www.ugress.com

Ugress is mad groovy Frankenstein sound professor GMM.

With a sexy crew of guest vocalists and instrumentalists, Ugress charge fearlessly into to the last decades of pop, film and cult culture.

On stage an überhybrid mash-feist of mad professorizing, cloned musicians, steampunk instruments and multiple synchronized video projections keep your eyes, ears and consciousness glued to an escapist reality of multiple dimensions.
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Wow, Just discovered! Great sound.
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Love your music!!!
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U G R E S S!!!
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Love it! Thanks for making.
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Come back, mad scientist! T61 longer sucks!
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Please come back -- T61 misses you!
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awesome tracks
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But alas. I succumbed to every song ahaha
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Archous (level 23) wrote:
Reminiscience, you should totally put t out so I can just buy the whole thing in one go
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Love your music! I remember i listened to VHS a long time ago but never actually listened to your other songs, except Rainy Transylvanian Day, i like a lot of your tunes man, keep it up.
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Bye from italy
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Kjempe bra track !
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"Lost In Time" Great song & Production"
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Battle 22 is epic!!
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Les Mondes engulfs my brain and takes me to somewhere great. The power of AWESOMENESS!!!!
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All the more awesome for the slight geek tinge, if you ask me.

GMM, can't wait to hear the Ninja 9000 work - hope to stream the show this Saturday if it's at a time that's remotely accessible over here. (GMT -5)
7 years ago
skyfex (level 2) wrote:
Ugress is awesome. A bit geeky, but still awesome. I've been listening to it for a few months now.
7 years ago
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