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i live in sweden in skellefteå, and i am 30 years old, i make my music on my computer in my apartment.

music is the best thing in the world.
i do music all the time, cant stop doing music..

i have another user here on sixtyone


search for PLUDY then you will find me there to.
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vda420 (level 8) wrote:
you suck
7 years ago
clover (level 46) wrote:
It is not a good idea to delete songs once you post them here. It makes listeners lose their faith and maybe they will not want to put their hearts on you song, so try to make sure you want a song on your page before you upload, and then leave it there! These are great songs. You might want to slow down the uploads.

Not sure why you have two artist accounts?
7 years ago
understar wrote:
i have 2 users on this site, Pludy is my other artist site . just search for pludy, and there is mutch more music there,
7 years ago
understar wrote:
i deleted 2 songs i think. i have to many songs on my harddrive=) i deleted becuase i think they arent good enough. i hope no one liked the songs i deleted. and like the new even more=)
7 years ago
iyzie (level 44) wrote:
Batty's right. Best keep the songs you have up - You'll gain more listeners and more loyal listeners that way.
7 years ago
batface89 (level 45) wrote:
I'm thinking you must have deleted a bunch of songs? People around here may get angry if you do that, just to warn you. I like your music!
7 years ago
dezkicks (level 14) wrote:
Maxed my hearts on My Reflection. - Wicked tune!
7 years ago
Fellow wrote:
I REALLY liked "My reflection"!! Great job André! I hope we can get togethere and make some music together here in Skellefteå soon!
7 years ago
sabbides23 (level 34) wrote:
7 years ago
hotguncoldheart (level 28) wrote:
found ya after I was out of hearts, Ill be back.
7 years ago
batface89 (level 45) wrote:
I really like everything you've uploaded so far. Do you have a listener account here? If so, please check out the group Max Bumps. Its a large group and there are a lot of musicians there. Give us a heads up on your uploads and we'll check it out early!
7 years ago
PabloCaparro (level 29) wrote:
Welcome to T61!... word of advice. Upload 3 songs (like you have) and let them simmer for a while. Let them catch on and gain some exposure. Then after a while, upload some more. This way you don't saturate yourself.

Catchy tunes!
7 years ago
Calista (level 39) wrote:
Yes, welcome to t61. And, to echo naimagrab, Lost is really good! Glad to catch it this morning :-)
7 years ago
nesanasolla (level 24) wrote:
Welcome to TheSixtyOne! I'm looking forward to hearing more from you. :)
7 years ago