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Jamaica, NY

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We have: attended 24th ranked university in U.S... Depended on Food Stamps & Welfare... worked with major record labels Sony Urban and Def Jam... been homeless as a family... graduated high school with 3.8 GPA and scored 1180 on SAT... had our baby girl born into an intensive care unit... held full-time employment, paid taxes, and remained free of any criminal charges or convictions and serious drugs... survived child abuse and household of violence and drug addiction... Published in the Baltimore Sun and Highlights Magazine... Been labeled a Manic Depressive... Un World & U Dot was founded in 1999

I've personally been on both sides of the fence while chasing the physical dimension as my sole objective.

NONE of the material pains nor successes ultimately "make or break" me. If anything, the loss of physical materials served to refine my vision. I've always had a struggle between a life of service to the global community vs. appeasing the masses via materialism/individualism.

Seriously, until I just wrapped my mind & soul around the concept of an "Unknown World", there was constant dissonance and a sense of Loss within my world.
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