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The genie from the magic lamp stood before me, and with his deep voice he said "YOU HAVE 3 CHANNELS! USE THEM WISELY"
Discovered by Vetro and commented9 times
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Discovered by 2Tuff and commented13 times
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Discovered by TheLooser and commented4 times
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Discovered by Pataglu and commented8 times
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Discovered by ewu and commented3 times
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scrivenj (level 34) wrote:
7 days ago
Metamorph wrote:
Welcome back everybody :)
8 days ago
thersites (level 16) wrote:
Really enjoying Scissors and Books. Keep making music!
6 years ago
KosherX (level 22) wrote:
Welcome. And you deserve it. I'll give you more hearts tomorrow.
6 years ago
squidphonic (level 27) wrote:
I love the sound of the SID! What tools are you using to sequence this stuff? I have a couple old C64's sitting around that need to be put into service! :)
6 years ago
panicavenue (level 20) wrote:
Haha, no problem Dr. Klo. :D
6 years ago
panicavenue (level 20) wrote:
Really unfortunate on What You Feel. To make up for it I'm going to max heart it right now. o:

It's an amazing remix!
6 years ago
Metamorph wrote:
The song What You Feel cover, was deleted somehow (by t61 i think), anyways its up again. Im very sorry to all the people that hearted
6 years ago
EEPROM wrote:
Hey Dr. Klo!

sorry i didnt reply sooner. I want you to know that i did NOT remove your song!! I love it and i have no idea why it would get taken down. Did you email the website asking them why it was removed? that is really weird! i would never try to take down anything that anyone has done with my music, whether its a remix or a cover, in fact, i think its the coolest thing ever so it makes me sad that it got taken down. let me know when you find out what happened.

6 years ago
mafferdragonhead (level 26) wrote:
:) Your welcomes,more hearts to come.
6 years ago
craigmiresears (level 28) wrote:
sweet, thank you! checkin out The Matador right now. hella cool! throwin hearts on that for sure! and a save. : )
6 years ago
batface89 (level 44) wrote:
Its Max Headroom, a show that was on in the 80s for a bit. Cult Classic.
6 years ago
EEPROM wrote:
k so i've been listening to your cover non stop today, and it's still just blowing my mind. can you send me an mp3 of it? drop me an email: eeprom@live.ca
6 years ago
theabledanger (level 35) wrote:
What You Feel is my Friday Freakture.

Protip: The Electro Freaks care.
6 years ago
EEPROM wrote:
HOLY FREAKING AWESOMENESS!! Words cannot describe how insanely cool our 8-bit version of "What You Feel" is! I am so honoured that you took it upon yourself to make your own version, I really like what you did with it! I am super impressed!! You just made my day! thank you for being so kickass!

6 years ago
thersites (level 16) wrote:
Nicely done with Stamp It! Is this a renoise joint, or are you back to goattracker? It sounds very polished.
6 years ago
Metamorph wrote:
This is the original song for Aggrovation - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0vVCNWJWUfM - Hope you enjoy it as much i do.
6 years ago
pipicaca (level 10) wrote:
Stamp it and chill town kills it! Thks bro
6 years ago
Kinyodas (level 16) wrote:
SID Chip???
6 years ago
Pataglu (level 35) wrote:
I think that Spwoink Song should be about 100 hearts now.
I you want a good advice, just wait for one of your song to reach the homepage now. And don't hesitate too create a listener account to see how the sixtyone works, to discover good music, and to heart your own songs...
6 years ago