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Muncie, IN

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VCat Bandcamp Website

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V_Cat started out when I was stuck in an apartment all night by myself, and as a seasoned insomniac and one who had been rather musically inclined beforehand, I needed something to soak up the hours and a release for my creativity. Thus V_Cat was born--first unofficially VibrantCaturday, and then officially VibrantCAThode.

I have created 7 albums thusfar:

-VibrantCathode (January, 09)
-Sooner (March, 09)
-Sexual Trash (August, 09)
-The Edges Are Simple (October, 09)
-Album 0 (on hiatus)
-The Killed (November 09)
-VIRUS (January 10)
-L.E.D. (May 10)
-cHATONeutron (May 10)
-VibrantCAThode -- Reloaded (March 11)

I can be contacted at all of these, both by e-mail and instant messenging, so don't be afraid to talk to me!

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