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To our faithful listeners,

We've decided to formally shutdown thesixtyone.com -- our servers will go offline at midnight, May 1st 2017.

Artist tipping and music purchases will be functional until then, so please spend any remaining credits by month's end. 
A final payment will be made to artists following the shutdown.

thesixtyone was our baby for most of our twenties. We're incredibly sorry we weren't able to keep things going in the 
right direction.


Thank you for being a part of it.


James Miao & Samuel Hsiung


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1. realitim
2. RedScreen
3. drutonic
4. Volt
5. nostalgia


6. gregsdu...
7. Circus
8. JAK551
9. teacher
10. scones


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medea (level 37) wrote:
Oh... where is the music gone? Time to come back to t61 :)
1 year ago
RedScreen (level 19) wrote:
I want more! I want more! I want MORE MORE MORE!!!
7 years ago
Ventenner wrote:
Feel like the dumbest guy in the room that it's taken me this long to hear your awesomeness.
7 years ago
VFM wrote:
To Dearest Alleen,
Thank you for your support on both of our songs. I am glad you've enjoyed them.

7 years ago
Absolute Zero wrote:
Oh my! Atrocious Mindset is so fucking amazing!

It's gritty and epic! I have not heard anything like this in a very long time, or possibly at all! "WTF?!" indeed!
7 years ago
RedScreen (level 19) wrote:
Oh...that good old Grigori...I'm sure that from where he is, he really appreciates that beautiful hommage.

Oh...he tells me to tell you that it's the case indeed haha! ;) :)

Erzebeth B.
7 years ago
medea (level 37) wrote:
Thanks for stopping by and the kind words, but it's you who rocks :-)
7 years ago
Volt (level 19) wrote:
First let me tell you that I LOVE the new track :) but (second) there's a can of ninja whupass here with your name on it; I wonder why?!?! ;)
7 years ago
RedScreen (level 19) wrote:

Thank YOOOOOOOOU for that wonderful track!!!
;) :) ;)
7 years ago
Volt (level 19) wrote:
....'WTF!!!!!!' :)
Still NOT getting the hearts you deserve... well, I give you as many as I can, and you know I'll be back with more, More, MORE!!!!!!!!!!!!

7 years ago
VFM wrote:
To kajapurrs:
Thank you for the greatest compliment ever, I would love to eventually see photographs of this FM of yours. >.>

with muchos regards
7 years ago
katjapurrs (level 1) wrote:
This is great! I will be listening to VFM while assembling my own FM :)
7 years ago
RedScreen (level 19) wrote:
"Atrocious Mindset" deserves MUCH MORE than that!!!
MUCH MORE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Please...WAKE UP PEOPLE!!!!
That track is a BOMB!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
7 years ago
Sintellect wrote:
Excellent, I was wondering when I was going to find this here V!

Reminds me of something 'Volt' would do if he ever decided to add vocals! :)

Really can't explain just how much I'm looking forward to hearing more.....

Be sure to let me know asap my friend


7 years ago
RedScreen (level 19) wrote:
I have to tell you once again how much I LOVE "Atrocious Mindset".

Definitely one of the greatest tracks I've discovered in the last 6 months and certainly one of my favorite tracks actually!

Fantastic work sir!!!
Keep it up!

7 years ago
Absolute Entity 01 wrote:
And here as well! ;)

The new logo is sweet...love it.

8 years ago
faberex (level 43) wrote:
great stuff here.....................guy welcome on 61
8 years ago