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Discovered by ky and commented2 times
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Revived by Raine and commented13 times
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antsa (level 20) wrote:
RB Doomtree - Dots & Dashes
7 years ago
van (level 10) wrote:
rb28 - just another day
7 years ago
gisaacs3 (level 26) wrote:
Enjoying your radio! RB # 27, Turnal by StereoBit.
7 years ago
Agata (level 33) wrote:
You wrote that doesn't really matter the genere of music - that's truth when you have good taste - and You have it :) :)
7 years ago
Red Kid wrote:
as you love music, don't really care about the genre and we are an artist posting on this site - i thought it would be only decent to inform you of our latest upload. Luana. The first few hearts even popped us over into Level 5. Which is good. I think. Thanks for all your previous support anyway.

8 years ago
Omen (level 13) wrote:
RB on "Picture Perfect" by Old Radio, and yes, another new subscriber
8 years ago
Omen (level 13) wrote:
Thanks for stopping by my radio, hope you enjoyed it.....
8 years ago
waltdiggs (level 24) wrote:
No problem. The reason I said a week from your first revive is because after my first one, it took a full week. I didn't revive my third song until a day or two after I was able and then my fourth I was able to revive only four or five days after the third. So basically, once a week from your first revive. Lots of rambling, I hope it makes sense!
8 years ago
ganglyblueheron (level 37) wrote:
Thanks for subscribing! Here's a radio bump for you. Anjulie--Addicted 2 Me.
8 years ago
Annette (level 33) wrote:
8 years ago
Lfurious2 (level 26) wrote:
I like that Laura Jansen song...nice
8 years ago
funny1david (level 13) wrote:
hey, thanks for the subscribe. RB for ya
8 years ago
sabbides23 (level 34) wrote:
rb # 18
8 years ago
Overlook27 (level 38) wrote:
8 years ago
kalli2B (level 41) wrote:
WELCOME to Beat Geeks wes!
so glad you choose our little wacky group! Here's a sub right backatcha & radio bump #15! I'm usually away from the "internets" on weekends so Mondays are always crazy catch up days. Hope to read you later, cheers! ~K2B~
8 years ago
JasonDaRiver (level 33) wrote:
Nice revive! Chiiiiiiiiiiiiilllllllllled vampire weekend
8 years ago
inemet (level 35) wrote:
hi, thanks for subscribing
8 years ago
staticfanatic (level 15) wrote:
Hey wes!
thanks for the sub!
a RB# and a sub back at ya!
8 years ago
Angriegator (level 16) wrote:
hello fellow beat geek :) thank you for subscribing

sub + rb for you!
8 years ago
JasonDaRiver (level 33) wrote:
thanks for the sub! rock on geek!
8 years ago