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Taken from CityWinery.com: A host of special guests from New York's Indie music scene will join forces on Monday night @ 7PM (1/25/10) for the final evening of fundraising.

Amber Rubarth, Ian Axel, Vienna Teng, Wes Hutchinson, Ari Hest, Will Knox, Joey Ryan, Rosi Golan, Nate Campany, Martin Rivas, Dov Rosenblatt, Alex Berger, Greg Holden and the Haiti Benefit House Band – Kevin Rice, Chris Kuffner, Adam Christgau, Tony Maceli, Melissa Tong, Ward Williams, Marika Hughes.

Big Hearted Donor Tickets Here - 100% Donated - 100% Tax Deductible. (includes a bottle of City Winery wine signed by every artist appearing that night.)

100% of funds raised from this benefit will be directed to Doctors Without Borders, Partners in Health and an emergency mobile hospital aid mission organized by the Jewish Renaissance Medical Center. The cost of your ticket is a charitable donation and is tax deductible as allowed by law. We ask that you give any way you can.

•Partners in Health
•Doctors without Borders
•Jewish Renaissance Medical Center

We need your help to raise $100,000 in four nights to help the victims of Haiti’s catastrophic earthquake. No country in the Western Hemisphere has been battered more than Haiti in the last 500 years—the nearly complete annihilation of its native population over two decades, a brutal slave regime, ongoing foreign military interventions over hundreds of years, brutal dictatorships supported by western powers, blockades of aid and more recently, devastating natural disasters from hurricanes to this latest earthquake.

Below are some other important places to donate:
Partners In Health
Doctors Without Borders
Red Cross

posted 7 years ago
It's been occuring to me that MySpace is dying a slow and painful death. Poor comatozed thing has been on life support for a while, with thousands of musicians' bots* all typing the same message to each other day after day. Is it time to pull the plug Tom?

Don't get me wrong. As far as independent music's growth on the internet, MySpace was the evolutionary equivalent of the opposable thumb. Then the inevitable happened. It was bought by media slut, Rupert Murdoch via Fox. Anyone who has watched Fox News within the last...well, ever....will have noticed its quality control department is hardly at Stradivarius' standards. An invasive onslaught of advertizing, constant spamming and hacking, and horrendous load times started turning MySpace in to the Times Square of the internet - lots of noise, flashy lights and really annoying.

Much like Times Square, we were suddenly surrounded by every rapper, singer-songwriter and hooker looking to make a name for themselves - including myself ;). It became too much, and as a promoter it was too easy to harrass people. *All you needed was some software (called a 'bot') like Spyder, and you could message & friend request up to 300 people a day.. you could even specify what location, age and gender you wanted to target. I know because I did this for months, and I apologize. It turned people off. But by this point it was too late - Facebook had arrived, and was doing MySpace's job so much better. YouTube, eHarmony, Spotify, Pandora & Twitter were rusty nails in the coffin.

With this said, it is still an industry standard for checking out bands because it's simple layout of shows and streaming music is very accesible.. though if I was Mark Zuckerberg I'd be thinking it's all for the taking.
posted 7 years ago
I've been scouring Craig's List today, trying to find ways to supplement my rock and roll lifestyle (currently consisting of paying rent and some heating bills). I ended up in the 'creative gigs' section only to find that everyone wants free arts, or as I'm now dubbing it, FArts. Photographers, take a look at this generous offer:


God only knows what our creepster was thinking when he mentioned 'ONLY BUSINESS'. But before you photographers go raising your fists in the air, have a look at this benevolent happy snapper:

"Photographer is seeking lifestyle models of all ages for a photoshoot {Think high end Tiffany style but for a bakery} Please send face and FULL body photos....with stats

This is a non paying gig... but you will get your pictures on a cd after a waiver is signed allowing our company full rights to use your pictures."

It tickled me that the up-side of not getting paid was that you lose all your rights! Brilliant way to turn a negative in to a positive (excuse the photography pun).

Are you a dancer? Then look no further:
"NEED FEMALE & MALE DANCERS 4 SAT 26th night - NEED DANCERSSS!!!!! ASAP ITS NOT PAIDED"Paided? I'm hoping our friend is saving his money for a dictionary.

Perhaps you've been studying at the Fashion Institute for a few years, and you're looking for some design work? Could this be your dream job?:

"I need T-Shirts for cool designs(No Pay-But you get credit)"

I don't even want to get started on the lack of paying gigs for musicians, though I know musicians can be the worst when it comes to paying photographers, directors, engineers etc. And by all means, build up your modelling portfolio! Get some photography experience! Play free shows and make new fans! But don't let people take advantage of you and your craft.

The only way this will stop is when we realise our worth and refuse to give people everything for nothing. Trade some services and make a deal, but let's say no to FArts!
posted 7 years ago
I'm about ready to do a van Gogh on my ears after 5 days of Christmas radio - thank you Elliott Smith for being on my iPod. It wasn't always like this though..

I met a girl in Boston a few years ago, she asked if I liked Elliott Smith, and I said I didn't know. She made me sit in front of her computer until we'd listened through one of Elliott's records on her PC speakers. I was drunk on cheap whiskey and forgot most of this event, though later that month I got my hands on Elliott Smith's 'From a Basement on the Hill', and disliked nearly all of it. I'm in the process of inventing a time machine so I can visit my former self and knock some sense in to my thick, juvenile ears.

A couple of months ago I picked up Figure 8 from Nicole's iPod, and I've been feeding myself small doses of Smith since. I couldn't believe I'd never liked these songs before, and now I'm downloading XO, having put New Moon and Either Or on repeat for a month. I came home to London last week and played Speed Trials while walking through the snow. I had one of those moments where your iPod becomes the soundtrack to your bland day-to-day life, and for a moment it's awesome. Then you realise you're that dick with the iPod who thinks its the soundtrack to his life.
posted 7 years ago
For all you MP3 fans, please check out my new record 'The Matador & The Acrobat" on iTunes!

Or feel free to continue the vinyl revolution.

posted 7 years ago
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Let me introduce you to the voice inside my head, he's a matador dressed head to toe in red. While he lives his life by the skin of his teeth, I'm just an acrobat trying to land on my two feet

He asked me if Im tired of tipping toes on tight rope wires, treading the lion's den and barely making rent. We could go anywhere, we could be anything, don't you wish that you were more than just a puppet on a string?

He said you're just another animal tied up to a leash, just a circus freak looking for a place to be.
So let's cut those strings, suspending your trapeze, take a leap of faith and land on your two feet.
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Betrayal (level 12) wrote:
6 years later, and I still love your music. I'm glad t61 introduced me to you.
1 year ago
makitome (level 38) wrote:
Fantastic live last night, looking forward to seeing new songs here!!
1 year ago
Calista (level 39) wrote:
One of the great benefits of having t61 come back in it's old format is that I was able to return and re-discover your absolutely wonderful music. Thank you for posting it here and then leaving it for us to return to :-)
1 year ago
SilentK (level 27) wrote:
Sounding good
1 year ago
buggy (level 13) wrote:
Your music is amazing. I bought The Matador & The Acrobat on itunes and gave you a five star review. :D
7 years ago
jkremer015 (level 22) wrote:
Will, The Circus Absurd is absolutely Beautiful! Thanks for sharing it!
7 years ago
clownnose (level 5) wrote:
7 years ago
LMMS (level 30) wrote:
The Circus Absurd is amazing! Thank you so much for posting..
7 years ago
woodjean (level 31) wrote:
'Really love your music. The Circus Absurd is another good one!
7 years ago
Rbakes (level 26) wrote:
Congrats to Heart Strings strumming away on the homepage!
7 years ago
musicstar (level 24) wrote:
Happy to have discovered you through a FH :)
I'll be checking out the whole page.
Loving the music thus far.
Best wishes, Pedro Costa
7 years ago
SallySilvera (level 40) wrote:
Was listening to the Circus Absurd earlier today, such a fabulous song!!
7 years ago
ChasConnolly (level 36) wrote:
Love The Circus Absurd!! Thanks.
7 years ago
dldlaura (level 25) wrote:
I thoroughly enjoyed the live show tonight, so I wanted to say thank you for that! I loved both the music and the lyrics. Pure genius, if I say so myself.
I’m actually listening to the whole album right now and loving every song, which is quite rare for me. Great job on it! It flows really well. Thank you for making beautiful music :)
7 years ago
geronimodeleon (level 22) wrote:
Regarding your news post of 11 days ago: Amen/ Bravo!
As practitioners of the arts, we (above all) should be aware
of the value of each others' work.
If we ascribe value to either our work, or the work of others,
we should consider it a sacred privilege to facilitate the perpetuation of each others' work by offering support.
Be brave.
7 years ago
Stromer19 (level 31) wrote:
Listening to you on Justin.TV right now. Sweet connections.

7 years ago
faberex (level 43) wrote:
another stunner!!
7 years ago
ChasConnolly (level 36) wrote:
Love Heart Strings!!!
7 years ago
Peter Doran wrote:
hey will, haven't passed through in a while. Sounding Excellent. Enjoyed reading your news items too.
Best wishes
7 years ago
Rbakes (level 26) wrote:
Hi Will,

Just came by for a listen & was checking out your recent note.
I agree completely, it's a struggle I believe every artist goes through... such a shame, and the worst of what goes on we might never hear about.

Happy New Year & Best Wishes for all that you do.
7 years ago