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Will Phalen and The Stereo Addicts

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Our newest record is middlewest and we love for you to check it out. Also, download live shows from http://www.archive.org/details/WillPhalenandtheStereoAddicts
posted 7 years ago
The new album, Middle West, is done!!
Visit willphalen.com for more info and to purchase.

"On their second album, Middle West, Will Phalen and the Stereo Addicts continue to explore the brighter corners of alternative-country, conjuring the twangy, symphonic tones of Son Volt and Summerteeth-era Wilco, with ample nods to Neil Young’s tear-jerkers. " --Shepherd Express, Milwaukee Alt-Weekly

With their sophomore release, Middle West, Will Phalen and the Stereo Addicts make another bold statement in defining the sound of Midwestern Folk-Rock. Nearly twelve months in the making, the self-produced, 10-song album stands as a testament to the group’s “do-it-yourself” Midwestern work ethic and a model of what can be achieved through simple means, relentless effort, and passion.

The album’s title, Middle West, represents much more than a mere nod to the Stereo Addicts’ homeland. Phalen’s lyrics offer impressionistic glimpses into the Midwestern landscape, its people and its psyche, while the Stereo Addicts fill out the tracks with a broad palette of sonic colors and hues. Folk instruments like banjo, acoustic guitar, and mandolin interact gracefully and tastefully with an array... (+) expand
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StrictJoy (level 12) wrote:
liking the new stuff! Cheers
7 years ago
waltdiggs (level 24) wrote:
wow, the new stuff is awesome. thanks for sharing it here!
7 years ago
Will Phalen and The Stereo Addicts wrote:
Thanks everyone

eric "doc" holliday
(Banjo,mando, lap steel)
7 years ago
faberex (level 43) wrote:
I really dig the music.
7 years ago
TommiSt (level 34) wrote:
Really cool songs! Great melodies.
I have to say the same as liam already did....I wonder why I never saw/heard you here
now I will do it often :)
7 years ago
georgeluistheman (level 31) wrote:
great stuff. careful though, you don't want to upload too many new songs at once otherwise they'll start competing with each other for our hearts.
7 years ago
liam7777 (level 32) wrote:
Real nice sound - surprised to see how long you've been here and I've never come across your music. I'll rectify that now!
7 years ago
srfantasm (level 21) wrote:
Join The Support Group and gush over this band now!!
8 years ago
CesarJulius (level 36) wrote:
all of your music is a treat. while i'm not a country fan, your music and beck's sea change stand out as amazing work heavily influenced by country. please keep it going. the production and engineering are flawless.
8 years ago
arinyc (level 17) wrote:
This is really good stuff. I'm glad I discovered you on The Rack. (Good old Rack.)
8 years ago
chaibrew (level 11) wrote:
I really dig the music. Definitely can hear the multitude of influences from folk, flamenco, and country, it's come together nicely. My favorite is Can't Come Down Yet

My artist page is "Pieter the Rooster", in case you wanna check it out
8 years ago