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Rio De Janeiro, Brazil

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Wonkavision is an indie rock band with loads of moogs, power guitars and vocal harmonies a la 60s. Firstly inspired by the north-american band The Rentals, Wonkavision is mostly characterised by the contrast between the sweetness of their melodies and the sarcasm of their lyrics.
Their debut album Wonkainvasion was released in 2004 in Brazil, and won a national award for the best indie rock album that year. In 2007, Wonkavision signed with the Tokyo based label PowerPop Academy and released an English version of the same album in Japan.

The album was produced by John Ulhoa, composer and guitarist for Pato Fu, one of the top five bands in the world by Times Magazine. John has also produced the solo album by Os Mutantes member Arnaldo Baptista, among other artists.
Wonkavision has recorded their second album and it is in post production at the moment. It is expected to be released in 2008.
Wonkavision is:
Manu (vocals, keyboards and scaletta)
Will (vocals, guitar em keyboards)
Kiko (drums and backings)
Guzz (Bass)
Wonkavision's official website:
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