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Xayro Seversky

electronic and dance     108 listeners


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11/5/09 :: Thursday :: 12:37 AM

"For Priscilla (Xayro Seversky Interpretation)" Version 3 has been uploaded

by DJ Dender feat. Xayro Seversky

Original Track (Priscilla B in the Sky) by DJ Dender
http://www.newgrounds.com /audio/listen/285435

Re-arranged, Remixed by Xayro Seversky
Vocals and Lyrics by Xayro Seversky

I worked together with DJ Dender to "remix" his one of his tracks. I consider it more of an edit than a remix, but none the less, I hope you enjoy it. It's got a bit of both me and Dender's flavors in it.
posted 7 years ago
9/14/09 :: Monday :: 2:30 PM

"Dancing", my new track under my new alias, "United We Divide" has been uploaded. I hope you all enjoy it. Japanese-Influenced Dance.
posted 7 years ago
9/01/09 :: Tuesday :: 3:41 PM

New track uploaded! "Mirror Image", Commercial Dance. From the upcoming "Return to Paradise" album.
posted 7 years ago
8/31/09 :: Monday :: 6:25 AM

New track uploaded! "Loneliness", Rock/Dance hybrid. From the upcoming "Return to Paradise" album.
posted 7 years ago
8/25/09 :: Tuesday :: 5:03 AM

Brand new track uploaded! "Then I Saw You". Commercial Dance track. Enjoy!
posted 7 years ago
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I, Xayro Seversky, am an electronic/dance musician, native of Kokomo, Indiana. I've been producing music for almost 5 years now, and I love my hobby. I don't do it to be famous, or anything like that. I just love music, and I love what I compose and produce. I hope you all do as well. I place my music on here to be listened to in hopes that other people can share passion for my music like I do.

Feel free to leave me a comment, I will try to respond back ASAP. I love meeting and talking to new people. Check out my myspace page as well at http://www.myspace.com/xayroseversky

The "Paradise, Part 1 - EP" (Delacourt Digital Recordings), is available on iTunes right now for $3.95, or $.99 per song!

My first album, tentatively titled "Return to Paradise" (subject to change), is expected to be out near the end of 2009. I'll keep information posted here.

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toriviruette (level 27) wrote:
I really like your music and I believe that more people have to listen to it. So here is a link to an article that has been helpful for some artists new to t61:http://passivepromotion.com/thesixtyone
7 years ago
zenkalia (level 10) wrote:
nice mix of digital and analog on dancing. i've been working on some stuff like that myself.
7 years ago
CCDC (level 30) wrote:
Life Ends With You is a pretty sweet song! Great lyrics and a fantastic beat.
7 years ago
noize2u (level 33) wrote:
Hey, thanx for the heads up. I had a major issue to try and deal with for one of our websites or I would have been here sooner. I dig that one, and I still need to get over here and listen and bump the rest.

And for a Demo version that is well mixed and sounds great.
7 years ago
becausesheisAsian92 (level 29) wrote:
You have some sick tracks. Expect more bumps soon!
7 years ago
unclefesta (level 43) wrote:
great tracks. creative. refreshing feeling, each is not just another cliche track :-)
7 years ago
dz3 (level 25) wrote:
Great! The most we can ask of a musician is to compose from the heart. You can never go wrong that way!
7 years ago
dz3 (level 25) wrote:
I love the songs sariana and radiance! I absolutely love them, and hope to hear more like them! Keep up the great work, go go go!
7 years ago
kwasmosis (level 36) wrote:
Okay, I'm sorry, I said I would max bump the entire album before, however, I really can support the Kiss Me thru the phone song, everything else is awesome. I just think your so much better than this lame ass song. It doesn't even make sense. Although I'll give you props for making a better version than the original.
7 years ago
kwasmosis (level 36) wrote:
This is sooo good. You are frickin' amazing, your productions is so intense and spot on.

LOVE IT, I'm totally max hearting the entire album.
7 years ago
noize2u (level 33) wrote:
Something rock-esque? That I am sure will be interesting as well. Looking forward to it.
7 years ago
noize2u (level 33) wrote:
Very nice. Make sure and let me know as I will pop on over and purchase promptly. On the popularity thing. Electronic is tough to get bumped on. Although I'm a big fan, it is hard to find them these days.
7 years ago
noize2u (level 33) wrote:
Yes, I've used it a bit and find it user friendly. I'm just not a big iTunes interface fan at all. But indeed, let me know if you do the Amazon mp3 thing for sure.
7 years ago
noize2u (level 33) wrote:
Absolutely stunning. Just listened to Life Begins and am loving it. I'm not fond of iTunes or I would be over there downloading right now. Let me know if your music is available on other media and I will be all over it.
7 years ago
SarahxJane (level 35) wrote:
Some nice songs you have here.
8 years ago