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Kokomo, IN

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I, Xayro Seversky, am an electronic/dance musician, native of Kokomo, Indiana. I've been producing music for almost 5 years now, and I love my hobby. I don't do it to be famous, or anything like that. I just love music, and I love what I compose and produce. I hope you all do as well. I place my music on here to be listened to in hopes that other people can share passion for my music like I do.

Feel free to leave me a comment, I will try to respond back ASAP. I love meeting and talking to new people. Check out my myspace page as well at

The "Paradise, Part 1 - EP" (Delacourt Digital Recordings), is available on iTunes right now for $3.95, or $.99 per song!

My first album, tentatively titled "Return to Paradise" (subject to change), is expected to be out near the end of 2009. I'll keep information posted here.
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