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New Haven, CT

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X-Protocol Is: Ryan Soloway, Production/Sound Design. Tom Gipson, Vocals/Lyrics/Mastering.

X-Protocol Was Formed In 2009 (Well We Have Been Around Since 2007 Where We Released An Album On Jamendo of All Our Musical Experiments.

But Has Only Been Serious as a band Since Sept07 Where I Bought Propellerhead Reason/Record Duo. Reason/Record Just 'Clicked' Which Has Set Off Creative Light In Me.

Everything Me And Tom Use Is Legit. My Gear List, Hardware:

Intel Quadcore, 3 Gigs Ram, Krk Rokits 6 G2's M-Audio Radium 61 Midi Controller/Keyboard.

Software: Propellerhead Reason/Record Duo.

Toms: Intel Dual Core, Linux Ardor/Jamin, For Audio/Mastering Work.

You Can Find Us On YouTube:
If You Like Our Music Please Leave Us Comments. It Helps To Get The Word Out About Us, And Let Others Know, 'That We Don't Suck' Thank You For All Your Support. Ryan And Tom.
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