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Your Favorite Brunettes

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COME ON GUYS!!! i know forever can make it to 1,000. let this be your christmas gift to us! lol <3
posted 7 years ago
BIG ANNOUNCEMENT! your favorite song "FOREVER", "envy", "heart of stone", and our two covers "hey jude" & "crazy" are now FREE DOWNLOADS. we originally had everything for sale on a snocap account because hey, it would be really cool to make money by playing music. but after business not going so well, i just decided that i'd rather you download our sub-standard recordings for free so you can keep it on your ipod & play for your friends. this way we get more fans instead of $0.22 for a song. love youuu! em
posted 7 years ago
HEY. I LOVE YOU GUYS. srsly, you make my day <3 all of you who take the time to listen to two random brunettes from the middle of nowhere.
posted 7 years ago
trying to record one or two new things by/over thanksgiving break! <3
posted 7 years ago
ALRIGHT EVERYONE, LISTEN UP! our stuff is finally for sale! our SNOCAP music store is front & center on our myspace @ myspace.com/yourfavoritebrunettes! (capslock was totally necessary). thanks for all the support, everyone! we love you too :]
posted 7 years ago
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the brunettes are emily dobrenchuk & amaliah varazo: two creative souls bent on getting famous if it's the last thing we do.

emily keeps busy arranging those catchy melodies that you sing in the shower, while amaliah is the girl behind the poignant words you wish you had written yourself. between the two of us, a tune could be picked out on guitar, piano, mandolin, ukulele, or fiddle (so badly that it doesn't really count).

we come up with harmonies in our sleep, frequently communicate telepathically, & simultaneously perfect the grammar in our upcoming songs while making cookies.

CONTACT US: for easy reference.
http://www.facebook.com/pages/the-brunettes/185808589290 (lots of different stuff there too. music, pictures, videos, blogs)
or drop us a line at EMALIAH2008@YAHOO.COM
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marcares (level 32) wrote:
Another great Indie duet found here long ago but never forgotten.
2 months ago
joey0123 (level 23) wrote:
I love your version of Hey Jude.. it's so so beautiful! awesome job! <3
7 years ago
dantheman1386 (level 29) wrote:
my friends will definitely get an earful of your songs now :)
7 years ago
4ntifl4g (level 39) wrote:
well the rednecks are everywhere, especially in the mountains of CA... but yeah start saving your change!
7 years ago
dantheman1386 (level 29) wrote:
i'm trying to get forever some more love! it's too good to not explode!
7 years ago
4ntifl4g (level 39) wrote:
haha that blog is pretty clever, but you're in florida so that might be hindering your ability to find suitable mates... need i remind you of your state's geriatric stereotype? here in california, on the other hand, we have more than 30 million people, thus increasing your chances greatly. west coast tour? :)
7 years ago
4ntifl4g (level 39) wrote:
SINGLE!?!?!? awesome! nice music you have here, keep it up and you'll be famous soon enough!
7 years ago
dantheman1386 (level 29) wrote:
i still love forever! and i always will! (get it?)
7 years ago
DargMop (level 4) wrote:
I like the one on the left.
7 years ago
dantheman1386 (level 29) wrote:
diggin the harmonies on the new tune!
i actually grew up in pensacola.... lived there for 10 years, then moved to virginia... i miss the beach!
7 years ago
SelenesDream (level 24) wrote:
Wonderful singing. I LOVE you!
7 years ago
susanj (level 19) wrote:
Fabulous harmonies -- I look forward to exploring your music further.
7 years ago
dantheman1386 (level 29) wrote:
hey! LOVE the song forever! just wondering - are you guys from florida? i noticed the pics from pensacola...
7 years ago
zirconet (level 36) wrote:
BYe from Italy
7 years ago
bipbop (level 11) wrote:
simple and sweet!
7 years ago
becausesheisAsian92 (level 29) wrote:
I really like your sound. Sweet. Cool. Beautiful.
7 years ago
tessagirl (level 25) wrote:
your music is fab and your photos super fun to look at. good luck with the bass players ;-)
7 years ago
whatthepuck (level 14) wrote:
Congrats on forever hitting the home page

7 years ago
danceintheSH0WER (level 12) wrote:
you have gorgeous voices
7 years ago
thethree3 (level 34) wrote:
congrats on "forever" hitting the home page!
7 years ago