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Völklingen, Germany

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Modern Hard Rock that is the music of Under Pressure. The music is hard, rhythmic, and powerful. It’s the melange of three musicians of different style directions, which developed to fastidious, groovy Rock music.

Dirk Hofacker studied guitar at the American of institutes of Music in Vienna, and sleeps at night alternating with one of its many guitars. To begin he learned to playing the violin-
bow on the guitar in England with Jimmy Page! He played in Vienna together with great musicians like: Frank Gambale and Les Wise. To constantly changing guitars he shows that there are musicians of all first cream, also in this country!

With Michael Cole is a young, talented drummer with UP at the drums. He is distinguished by his versatility, his technical skill, and his great potential. He dominated the rocking, straight beat, as well as contraptions rhythms, cool blues-jazz drums or filigree techniques.

With Ralf Zimmer, whose name stands for fast, powerful basses, Hofacker has a ingenious partner at its side. The two complement each other outstanding. He already played with bands like Mothers Finest, Billy Cobham, Stan Web and any others! Its partly strong, partly critical, every now and then also spiritual Lyrics, the strong, and nevertheless feeling-loaded voice, paired with shoe size 44 make him an unusually constancy bass player.

A live-concert from UP expects a more than two-hour, always varied Rock event, that ends with a up to 45 minutes long Led Zeppelin Medley over Dazed and Confused. Who likes rhythmic Hard Rock in all its varieties, with fresh new sounds, virtuosity paired with power, should Under Pressure itself absolutely look at.
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