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Desoto, TX

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stw001-the bedroom sessions volume one (1994-1997) psych/drone tapes
stw002-the bedroom sessions volume two (1998) noodling tapes
stw003-for she who dreams west (1998) psych jam cd
stw004-we haven't given up yet (1999) electronic ambient tape
stw005-whimpers (1999) tape noise cd-r
stw006-we will crush you like vermin (1999) amp noise, dist perc cd-r
stw007-sample (2000) drum machine and samples cd-r
stw008-robot blues (2000) acoustic depression tape
stw009-other bastardizations (2000) folk songs tape
stw010-texas catheter (2000) video game beats cd-r
stw011-straylight (2000) retardo-dub cd-r
stw012-the smoke (2000) digital hardcore cd-r
stw013-soundcollage 2000 cd-r
stw014-on a mission from god (2001) mashup cd-r, uterine fury
stw015-history punishes those who leave last (2001) critically reflexive indie rock cd-r
stw016-k'ree! (2001) half-dead techno cd-r
stw017-soundcollage 2001 cd-r
stw019-seinhabt (2002) white noise cd-r
stw020-gascmascdayz (2002) movie soundtracks cd-r
stw021-oppulent erratique! (2002) improvised album skeleton cd-r
stw022-unlistenable? (2002) really horrible electroclash compilation cd-r
stw024-soundcollage 2002 cd-r
mqt009-the maps of unlife (2003) soft-synth goth-prog opera cd, milquetoast records
stw025-sad (2004) slow heavy riffs cd-r
vs. pcp and monorail (2005) sonic destruction of 'visit pell mell'
stw026-pseudocide a.k.a. very sad (2005) harsh noise and sad melodies cd-r
vs. serena maneesh (2006) sonic destruction live, AOL radio
stw027-quicksilver (2008) phenomopsych/shouldergaze cd-r
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