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The video version of Quiddity is available at http://www.youtube.com/zsolnai
Enjoy! :)
posted 7 years ago
Thank you, everyone who visited my music in the past two weeks since I registered here. I've never felt so welcome anywhere else on the net before. This is truly an amazing feeling.
Thanks for the hearts and kind comments, and I hope you'll enjoy many more of my recordings in the future.
Love, zsolnai
posted 7 years ago
Feri Zsolnai [f’ɛri ʒ’olnɑi] is a digital artist. He was born on July 25, 1973 in Budapest, Hungary.

He is best known for his instrumental compositions and unusual arrangements, especially in stage/theatre music.

He started his musical career at the age of 8, when his grandfather (internationally acclaimed viola player Ferenc Zsolnai) advised him to learn playing the piano. However, this soon turned out to be an overly optimistic idea: he stopped taking his piano lessons when he felt he was able to compose his own pieces. His first award-winning score (Becoming Don Quijote, 2000) got a warm welcome from the audience. Two years later, he topped this success with the original score for the play “Bus Stop” (The Wait, 2002), written by Nobel laureate Chinese playwright Gao Xingjian.

He has shown interest in many musical genres, from fractal-based compositions to symphonic arrangements.

While zsolnai is working on his own visions, he is open for artistic collaborations and progressive ideas.
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OssiPB (level 21) wrote:
"Lost and found" is really beautiful piece.
7 years ago
zsolnai wrote:
I used to work with a software that was capable of translating fractals into musical notes. Based on these "compositions", after cleaning them up and arranging them I made a few recordings. One of those became a track on Becoming Don Quijote (Seducing Puppets) and won me an award. Another one I really like, called 'Looking for Similarities' is still waiting to be released. :)
Are you experimenting with fractals, too?
7 years ago
redbook (level 34) wrote:
Just read your bio, fractal-based compositions sounds interesting. Can you tell us more?
7 years ago
redbook (level 34) wrote:
Love listening to Lost and Found, lovely track to FB. I agree with myriambeck, you deserve more hearts. They will come I'm sure.
7 years ago
zsolnai wrote:
Thank you, myriambeck. :)
Calista, I've read it and it was very helpful, thank you. :)
7 years ago
myriambeck (level 41) wrote:
Hi Zsolnai:) I love "Fourteen Dreams Of Life". Without any doubt you deserve more hearts :) I must come back

oh and I just listen to "Any Tale The World Tells", its awesome!!
7 years ago
Calista (level 39) wrote:
Fourteen Dreams of Life...so beautiful! I must leave you the link to an article that explains how this site works. Again, you have some absolutely beautiful pieces here and I'm so glad to have discovered this one.

7 years ago