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Holbrook, NY

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Ellipsis, sadly, is no longer together as a band. We had a good run at it for a while, playing dozens of shows all over Massachusetts between 2002-2005, but like all things inevitably must, it came to an end because of forces not entirely within our control. Many thanks to anyone who bought a CD, went to a show, or even downloaded a song. We love you.

The first part of the Ellipsis saga took place in Amherst MA, where we spent summers between years at our respective colleges living under the same roof and tirelessly exploring and creating music together. Here, in our primordial stages, we played parties and basement shows with encouraging results. We grew in leaps and bounds each summer we spent together, and it was here that we defined our musical voices and were inspired by the music, people, pharmacology, and ideas that we would develop into a distinct sound.

In late 2003, we found ourselves moving to Boston to devote ourselves more fully to our music. Since then, we have played frequent shows all over eastern MA and have written or refined most of the songs included on Weight of the Sun. Released in July 2005, our newest album and first full length was recorded at Magpie Sound Design and self-released.

We take an approach to sound that, while rooted in rock, is linear and idea-driven, attempting to encompass the multidimensionality of the human experience. By contrasting stretches of pristine simplicity with moments of seething, primordial chaos, we are constantly reaching toward that as-yet-unheard moment of sound that will ultimately propel us all into unrealized dimensions of consciousness. Or something like that.

But you should listen to it.


[vocals:::mac] [bass:::chris] [guitar:::shay] [drums:::rob]
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