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30 Seconds to Mars is a rock band hailing from Los Angeles, CA. Created in 1998 by brothers Jared Leto (Vocals, Guitar) and Shannon Leto (Drums). First album was recorded entirely by the two of them, the tour formation was with three more members: Solon Bixler (Lead Guitar, Back Vocals) - left in 2003, now has a band called Great Northern`; Kevin Drake (Guitar) and Matt Wachter (Bass, Keys occasionaly).

30 Seconds to Mars has three members nowadays: Jared Leto, Shannon Leto and tomo milicevic.
On March 1st 2007 on Taste Of Chaos festival, in El Paso, Texas, the bass player Matt Wachter announced that he’s leaving the band to spend more time with his family. This was later confirmed by Virgin and the band’s official website. Matt now plays bass in Angels & Airwaves.
Tim Kelleher, bassist for My Darling Murder, which disbanded in April 2006, is standing in as touring bassist pending an official replacement.

Their sound is somewhat unique, on occasion described as ‘space rock’ - with a very deep use of synthesisers - particularly on the debut self-titled album. The space rock reference comes from the theme of the first album, which seems to deal with space travel, astronauts and the universe, although these references are often known to be metaphors for personal growth, change, and renewal. The sound is often fitting. Cryptic, obscure lyrics combine heavy guitar melodies to drive a sound compared to the likes of Tool, Led Zeppelin, Pink Floyd and Depeche Mode.

Unknown to most, Jared performed all of the instruments and vocals on the self-titled release with the exception of drums, which his brother Shannon took care of. The additional members of the band joined after the release of the CD and began to tour thereafter. The music is primarily written by Jared Leto. On the inside of albums it lists the other members as the “live members”.

A Beautiful Lie was released in 2005 after the band spent several years collaborating and travelling the world for inspiration. More information can be found at their official website.

The hit single “The Kill” went worldwide along with “From Yesterday”. Their newest single is “A Beautiful Lie”, the title track from their most recent album. The music video for ABL was filmed entirely on the location 200 miles north of the arctic circle. On a special website you can join their attempt to help the environment.

30 Seconds to Mars has been touring almost nonstop post- A Beautiful Lie (the album) for about 2 or 3 years now.

More recently, the band, as they have been touring, have slowly been unveiling new songs at various shows and must be writing on the road. But, at Give It A Name 2008, (which they headlined), in the UK. They stated they are saying Goodbye for a short period. “But we’ll have to make a third record someday” Jared Leto said.
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