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Glasgow, United Kingdom

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Alright, We're The Cuts!

We're a four piece indie punk band from Paisley just out side Glasgow in Scotland.

We've Been together for about 2 years now, and recently went away to Tpot studio in Perth, Path of Condie, To record a 4 track demo with legendry producer Robin Wynn Evans (the view, manic street preacher and dodgy).

Previous to that we have recorded many other tracks with our good friend kav, we've been showcased on radio and have had television exposure aswell!

we're always looking for more exposure so any way you can help would be amazing

We've 9 tracks up here, hope you enjoy them!

Go tell all your friends about us!!

the more you bump our songs, the more songs we're able to put up!

we've got LOADS!!

so if you want to hear more from us....GET US POINTS!! haha

The Cuts x
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