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The Nightwatchman

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Tom Morello, guitarist for Rage Against the Machine and Audioslave, is less known for his folk music, which he plays under the alias “The Nightwatchman”. He has explained, “The Nightwatchman is my political folk alter ego. I’ve been writing these songs and playing them at open mic nights with friends for some time. This is the first time I’ve toured with it. When I play open mic nights, it’s announced as The Nightwatchman. There will be kids there who are fans of my electric guitar playing, and you see them there scratching their heads.
But it’s something that I enjoy doing. I look at it more as an extension of my politics. Then again, some of the songs are not explicitly political. It really helped me grow as an artist and songwriter.”
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ciasteczko (level 9) wrote:
great guitarist + awesome singer + talented text writer. I bow to you, mister Morello.
7 years ago
SweetPea73 (level 15) wrote:
You remind me of Leonard Cohen, highest compliment I could give.
7 years ago
liam7777 (level 32) wrote:
Please sir, may I have some more? Max Hearts!!!
7 years ago
chemputers (level 11) wrote:
"Take it easy Vancouver, but take it."
- Tom Morello @ The Commodore Ballroom.
Words to live by.
7 years ago
Built for the Sea wrote:
Tom!!! Fancy meetin' you here :P

I haven't seen you since that underground show in the San Francisco Mission three years ago!

It is absolutely wonderful that you are putting your music out into the world. You are an absolute angel and an inspiration :)

Big love from SF,
lia rose
Built for the Sea
7 years ago
Reah Valente wrote:
You are great!
Love your tunes!
7 years ago
soundslave88 (level 3) wrote:
Truly a guitar god, to see him play with Audioslave was mind blowing. The fact that he is able to switch to acoustic and still kick ass is amazing!
8 years ago
pzyk (level 25) wrote:
This is a great song. you should upload way more, his new CD, the Fabled CIty is kick ass!!!
8 years ago
OOTB (level 29) wrote:
I thought it was Nick Cave singing! Great song!!
8 years ago
Tokyosexwhale (level 43) wrote:
Someone tell Tom Morello to quit hogging all the talent.
8 years ago