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Glory Winds is the mouthpiece and music project of singer/songweaver Patty. Born and raised in Phoenix, AZ, Patty's musical life began in a small piano lesson studio for kindergartners, and continued throughout adolescence with the acquisition of her first guitar.

At the age of 18, Patty moved to New York City to attend college and there collected many strangely authentic moments with friends, strangers, and musicmakers alike. After a brief stint in a songwriting circle, she began receiving local attention, stopping bar chatter and clinking glasses alike with her peculiar songwriting and unusual adeptness on the guitar. But it was not until she first visited the Sidewalk Cafe's infamous "antihoot" open mic night that Patty would soon learn of DIY ethos, and unlearn "rules" of songwriting from the all-inclusive antifolk community. Glory Winds is an imaginative conduit through which Patty experiments with lo-fi craftsmanship, songwriting rebellion, politics, and the half-imagined. Currently Patty is working on a children's album.

Willow Houses (2005)
3/3 Time and Other Foolish Notions (2008)
Folk to Know (date tba)
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