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Quiet Company

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quietcompanytx: http://twitvid.com/06558 - "Songs For Staying In" E.P. mixing is complete! Here's a word from Taylor about how we feel.
posted 7 years ago
quietcompanytx: RT @StubbsAustin: THIS THURS 1/28- Austin360 Concert Series: Quiet Company w/ Whitman & Buttercup- doors @ 9pm http://bit.ly/7xATej
posted 7 years ago
quietcompanytx: Looks like @StubbsAustin just joined Twitter. Welcome guys. What do ya'll have coming up on Thursday?
posted 7 years ago
quietcompanytx: @KristaConnects grab a couple of our albums from the shelf and talk some people into buying it. ok. thanks.
posted 7 years ago
quietcompanytx: We are looking for a new stage wardrobe for the band. Anyone have a clue what freaking store Rihanna gets her shop on?
posted 7 years ago
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"These guys love to play music, and everyone who watches them sees how they infect the air with unforgiving energy and harmonious live sound. ...I picked up their 2006 debut full length, Shine Honesty, and the piano intensive indie rock album definitely lived up to the band's stellar live performance." - BadicalBeats.com

"Singer Taylor Muse has all but perfected the heart-on-your-sleeve, loud/quiet/loud formula, and it shows even more live than on their fantastic debut release, Shine Honesty." - bigDlittled.com

"Quiet Company play tight short sets of passionate music that build and flourish and make you happy to be hearing live music." - LAist.com

"This is dramatic pop music of the highest order, mostly piano-led with some stunning synth orchestrations supporting some killer tunes... (4 out of 5 stars)" - HM Magazine

"'Shine Honesty' is one of those albums that makes me want to make music, and I don't think there's any higher compliment I can give a record...In essence, joyful is really the best way to describe this record. It'll make you sing, want to dance, think about the girl you love, an... (+) expand
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marcares (level 32) wrote:
Merry Christmas to one and all in the Band.
3 months ago
ArnonLiv (level 2) wrote:
I like how you guys roll.
12 months ago
SilentK (level 27) wrote:
I love this band
1 year ago
ewisey (level 12) wrote:
Your music makes me feel really good, like warm, fuzzy, soft and gooey inside - thanks for sharing.
7 years ago
danceteriatype (level 11) wrote:
im so in love with your music and voice :)
7 years ago
JasonM (level 5) wrote:
I am glad to see ATX bands represented. I'm grooving to your tunes from up Cowtown way. Check out my bands posts: Fate Lions
7 years ago
koffeekoko (level 26) wrote:
it's been months, and i still love you guys.
7 years ago
MatticusFinch (level 31) wrote:
Awesome Merry Little Christmas song, wow I'm shocked at how good it is.
7 years ago
Astor (level 4) wrote:
Bloody fantastic. Gets my hopes up and makes me happy.
7 years ago
ziki88 (level 7) wrote:
Good stuff, looking forward to listening to more of it.
7 years ago
Pokoro (level 11) wrote:
haha I <3 you guys. this is just too great. On Husbands & Wives is so refreshing.
7 years ago
Quiet Company wrote:
It would be cool if someone revived Merry little Christmas for us! I DARE YOU!
Only you can save Christmas!
We love you.
7 years ago
rjshatz (level 19) wrote:
Your album was probably the best purchase I've made in some time. I love this band.
7 years ago
illness (level 13) wrote:
haha i've got 22k points- lemme know if/when you need something bumped :)
7 years ago
boxboydesigns (level 22) wrote:
YOUR MUSIC IS SWEEEEET . thanks to quests for finding you =) .

keep up the good work guys . i LOVE it
7 years ago
tormenter (level 13) wrote:
Here's the new video for "On Modern Men"
7 years ago
grownuppunk (level 22) wrote:
I put a bid in to revive "Modern Men" - just in time for the big video release next week!
7 years ago
rewildrelove (level 10) wrote:
thank you for your music! love it! <3
7 years ago
paulajung (level 31) wrote:
ohhh my god. total nostalgia. i remember i used to listen to Then Came a Sudden Validation everyday 2 years ago. Wow glad to know that QC still exists :)
7 years ago
grownuppunk (level 22) wrote:
uselessgoo - Video shoot at the Georgetown courthouse is on Sunday 9/13
7 years ago