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Austin, TX

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"These guys love to play music, and everyone who watches them sees how they infect the air with unforgiving energy and harmonious live sound. ...I picked up their 2006 debut full length, Shine Honesty, and the piano intensive indie rock album definitely lived up to the band's stellar live performance." -

"Singer Taylor Muse has all but perfected the heart-on-your-sleeve, loud/quiet/loud formula, and it shows even more live than on their fantastic debut release, Shine Honesty." -

"Quiet Company play tight short sets of passionate music that build and flourish and make you happy to be hearing live music." -

"This is dramatic pop music of the highest order, mostly piano-led with some stunning synth orchestrations supporting some killer tunes... (4 out of 5 stars)" - HM Magazine

"'Shine Honesty' is one of those albums that makes me want to make music, and I don't think there's any higher compliment I can give a record...In essence, joyful is really the best way to describe this record. It'll make you sing, want to dance, think about the girl you love, and go for a drive through the city on a sunny day. But above all else, it'll make you want to listen to it again as soon as it's through. (4.5 out of 5 stars)" -

"Quiet Company's somber and seductive piano-driven rock rekindles Harvest-era Neil Young, similar to Band of Horses. The Austin trio's debut record, Shine Honesty, does just that as front man Taylor Muse's spiritual convictions heighten the emotional intensity of his deeply personal lyricism." - Dallas Observer

"The stage couldn't hold the energy." -

"(Shine Honesty) has not disappointed yet, whenever i'm in the mood for some earnest and heartfelt, sonically adventurous pop to brighten my day." - The Camera As Pen

" Every song here has something to make melody addicts smile, and most of them feature breakdowns and buildups, hallmarks of a developed sense of dynamics...The songwriting never falters..." -

"Muse writes songs that are infectiously immediate, but are layered to create depth you can appreciate on repeated listens...This album should not go by unnoticed. Song for song, Shine Honesty can compete with any classic pop album in my collection. Taylor Muse is an emerging master of his craft." -

"I remember falling in love with Quiet Company almost instantly." - Come Pick Me Up

"The Austin trio plays the kind of piano-driven rock that never goes out of style. Vocals float over big hooks that would make Paul McCartney proud." -
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