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I am 48 years old now, from age 8 til 16 I took professional Accordion Lessons. then I spent the next 30 years being married for 7 years, and then after my wife died, I spent the next 25 years, running amok, partying and struggling with addictions and the poverty and turmoil that go along with that lifestyle. 6 years ago, I decided to give whats left of my chaotic life to God, and I overcame my addictions, restored my health, physically, mentally, and spiritually, and then I got the idea to get my Accordion from my parents house and unleash my skills on the world. after not playing for 30 years, I brought myself back to the level I was at when I was 16 and was winning contests, competing against hundreds of other accordion students, in less than 2 months. for the Last year I have been getting up every day Mon thru Fri, at 5am, and bringing my Accordion, and my faithful Dog Ginger to the Civic Center BART Station and practicing for 3 hours as the people who work in my neighborhood come walking thru the station between 6 and 9 am. there must be 20,000 people who walk by me every day. almost all of them smile or give me a thumbs up and anywhere from 50 to 100 of those people drop a dollar or 2 into my case, so I am never broke or lacking anything. I have made friends with so many cool people and I get awesome gigs for parties and weddings, and now I have a CD out with over 40 of my best Accordion solos, they sell like Hotcakes for $20 dollars a pop.
I not only play all the classic Accordion music from the Lawrenc welk era to the 50s 60s 70s 80s 90s pop music, classic Rock n Roll, and anything else I want. every day at my busking spot, I play 1 song over & over for 3 hours.... then the next day , the next song...etc, the people who pass by don't know I am playing the song over & over because they keep walking. they never stop long enough to figure that out, so every day they get to see me play something different. they just know that I have never played the same song twice. I have literally thousands of songs on a list that I will unleash on everybody at my spot 1 song per day. at this rate the biggest challeng will be to live long enough to play every song in the world once.
aside from my wide repitiore, My other outstanding Quality is that I have invested alot of the money I have made in a magnificant Accordion Collection of many different colors, and an entire wardrobe of the most Awesome 3 piece suits and matching Shoes and tophats that go with the colors of my accordions.
I have to say that I look good, play good, and so I get treated very good by everybody I meet.
I believe I am exremely blessed to be able to make thousands of people smile every day before 9am, and because of that there is nothing that I cannot accomplish.
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