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Robert V Doerr Jr Accordionist

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I am 48 years old now, from age 8 til 16 I took professional Accordion Lessons. then I spent the next 30 years being married for 7 years, and then after my wife died, I spent the next 25 years, running amok, partying and struggling with addictions and the poverty and turmoil that go along with that lifestyle. 6 years ago, I decided to give whats left of my chaotic life to God, and I overcame my addictions, restored my health, physically, mentally, and spiritually, and then I got the idea to get my Accordion from my parents house and unleash my skills on the world. after not playing for 30 years, I brought myself back to the level I was at when I was 16 and was winning contests, competing against hundreds of other accordion students, in less than 2 months. for the Last year I have been getting up every day Mon thru Fri, at 5am, and bringing my Accordion, and my faithful Dog Ginger to the Civic Center BART Station and practicing for 3 hours as the people who work in my neighborhood come walking thru the station between 6 and 9 am. there must be 20,000 people who walk by me every day. almost all of them smile or give me a thumbs up and anywhere from 50 to 100 of those people drop a... (+) expand
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KayLinto (level 23) wrote:
Great work!!!

Love the matching outfits/accordions-awesome!!
6 years ago
sandgirl (level 31) wrote:
Welcome to thesixtyone :-) nice to hear accordion, it's rare on here
Btw. you do have one track upload duplicated... it seems the one discovered by dianashamilton is the duplicate; best to remove that one (sadly there's no way to tell which one gained more points)
6 years ago