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Verse 1: How you shine so bright, blinding all who gaze. Our curiosity is our own demise, you stun and amaze. Still I cannot turn a blind eye to your light, trapped by beauty and delight, I've longer for this moment for all of my life.

Pre: In death you do burn so well, my sweet golden star. In life you do lead me yonder, oh so far.

Chorus: How long until I have my Golden Star? What day will bring it's end to me? I reach, oh god I reach, so far. Take my breath, my life, My sweet Golden Star.

Verse 2: You brilliantly burning sun, you bring me back to my feet. A stunning passion to restore my faith, outshining deceit. Still my love does yearn to join you in the sky, to be there to sit at your side. The opportunity escapes me once more, this wretched life.



Bridge: Golden star, where will you lead me? Oh so far, a perfect journey. Golden star.


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