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James Miao & Samuel Hsiung

Port O'Brien

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Port O’Brien is a folk group that is the project of Van Pierszalowski. Van was raised in Cambria, California - a beautiful town on the southern most tip of Big Sur that specializes in hippies, Hearst Castle tourists, and retired people that enjoy lawn bowling. Now he lives in Oakland, or as his housemate Colin has deemed it “The Motherfucking O-Zone.” His father is a commercial fisherman on Kodiak Island in Alaska and Van spends 3 and a half months of every year working on the F/V Shawnee looking for salmon. It is impossibly hard, but ultimately inspiring and rewarding. There is barely enough room for a guitar on the boat, but it does join in the travel, and a lot of the songs were written at sea.

Port O’Brien began performing regularly in the Bay Area as well as the SLO town region since early in the year of 2005. They have played with likes of AKRON/FAMILY, LITTLE WINGS, THANKSGIVING, VIKING MOSES, and many many others. There will also be tours soon to come. In the live setting, the group features guitars, banjos, violins, clarinets, bongos, lots of stomping, and mass sing a longs (at least some of those, depends on who’s ar... (+) expand
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MouseBoss (level 10) wrote:
Close The Lid. Top banana!
7 years ago
ohmanger (level 29) wrote:
didn't know these guys where on here.. love the wind and the swell
7 years ago
Judysickmusic (level 9) wrote:
so so nce . X
7 years ago
eloctavopresidente (level 12) wrote:
you're one of my favorite bands!
stuck on a boat and tree bones may be the best...
8 years ago
TwinCrystal (level 10) wrote:
Good stuff. I like the real soulful feel to your songs.

8 years ago
sunslide wrote:
this is good. almost sounds life he's from Fife
8 years ago
kylewahlquist (level 30) wrote:
you guys are awesome! Bird flies by is one of my favorite songs of all time. If you are ever headed to Dallas, let me know.
8 years ago
myktoronto (level 38) wrote:
Mega Upload Party Wake for Michael Paul Miller on May 8th. Time or times TBA.

ANY 61 artist who wishes to join in should give KosmikRay
a Wall post with your Band Name and Song Title. Note: This is an UPLOAD Party, so your song must NOT yet be in the 61 system!

60 artists so far and here's hope to a round 100 artists total.
8 years ago
bitterhoney (level 18) wrote:
i'm with calculatedCHAOS... i remember bumping Five and Dime from the rack when i started on here... i'm so glad you are getting more attention... :)
9 years ago
Apocalypse (level 36) wrote:
Your music was selected by mikegreen as one of the Race to Zero Artists. Let's get you to the Front Page!
Race to Zero Official Thread
9 years ago
mikegreen (level 26) wrote:
Fantastic series of tunes... I'm in the UK and we can't get Amazon mp3's here yet - but I've just ordered the CD..... do you guys have other distribution arrangements?
9 years ago
calculatedCHA0S (level 31) wrote:
I remember bumping Five and Dime awhile back. I can't believe your music hasn't gotten more attention. I think it's great.
9 years ago