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2MERICA is a musical project created in 2003 by Ezraz Jones and Jaimeson Lowell. The project consists of the 2MERICA music itself and an extensive fictional universe depicting a "virtual gang" of characters. Their fictional universe is explored through the band's website and music videos, as well as a number of other media.

The music is a collaboration between various musicians, Ezraz being the only permanent musical contributor. Their style is a composition of multiple musical genres, with a large number of influences including: dub, hip hop, alternative rock, electronic and pop music.


Ezraz started in the mid-nineties as a funk DJ on the radio and in clubs. He launched the music website in 1998. His first release was the 2002 mixtape "M66 Mix: Games, Dames, & Mashup Pains" listed as DJ Raz.

In 2003 Ezraz formed 2MERICA with Jaimeson Lowell, Mistaswift, & Jesus Irizarry. Their first LP "Record Profits" was released in 2005, followed by the "Sensors&Switches;&Buttons;" LP in 2007. Both are currently available online.

Their 3rd LP "Scherzo Elskorpion" is being released as 5 singles to celebrate destruction: The first installment "Never Met Tomorrow" shipped in 2009, followed by "Keep Steady" in 2010 and "Mass Entertainment" in 2012. The Mass Entertainment EP was also released in 2012.

Ezraz Jones is also currently a member and producer of rock act Roaming Crazy, along with 2MERICA players Jon Paul Abramczyk and Lawrence Cro. Their first single "Stares 20/20" was released in 2011 and the followup "Sing Too" shipped summer 2012. Both are available online.

Ezraz has also released several solo albums: 2010's "License Punch Out!" EP and 2011's "Music For Spiderbots" LP, and the dub-themed "Slow Rise" EP in 2012.

Ezraz is based out of Cleveland, Ohio @ The Flux-adel Recording Division and represented by Collinwood Sun Music LLC (ASCAP) & FF BOOKMAN LTD. WE © WHERE U ®.
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