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Palomar: Rachel Warren, Christina Prostano, Sarah Brockett, Dale W. MIller

Hailing from Brooklyn, NY, Palomar was formed by former Trixie Belden singer and bassist Rachel Warren and Sasha Alcot, plus drummer Matt Hauser. After their self-released, self-titled debut, they added second guitarist Christina Prostrano, and Sasha left the band, to be replaced by Sarah Brockett. After their second album, Palomar II, Matt was replaced by current drummer Dale W. Miller, in time for their third album, Palomar III: The Revenge of Palomar. In 2006, Palomar signed to Misra records, and a fourth album (which, odds are, will be called All Things, Forests), is due out March 20th, 2007.

The band plays incredibly catchy pop-punk songs, notable for their harmonies and overlapping vocal lines. Their early songs are very fast, and the band has gotten progressively slower with each passing year.
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