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New York, NY

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Max Vernon writes neurotic, Foucauldian pop songs that are like "too wordy and shit." His idea of a good time involves a jug of moonshine, some glitter, and a dusty honky tonk piano. He WILL steal yr grandma's clothing. You have been warned.

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"If you've hung around the East Village in the past year or so, chances are you've come across 21-year-old antifolk musician and downtown dandy Max Vernon. The singer has a penchant for eyecatching ensembles and has performed his infectious blend of jazz, doo-wop and pop at the CMJ festival, Pianos and Knitting Factory." - W Magazine

"This guy is as well rounded as artists get. His sound is a unique blend of unfiltered pop, 1940s jazz and harmonic brilliance that can only be defined as 'smart pop.' It is clear that playing the piano is second nature to Max -- like blinking or breathing -- which is something you rarely see from musicians anymore. Then again, he isn't part of the mass commercialism machine we have all grown to rely on." - New York Post
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