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Horatio Lee Jenkins

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The legendary country music hero Horatio Lee Jenkins defeated Satan in a drinking contest and wrote the inspirational masterpiece "Drunker Than Satan" about the experience.

He has since bedazzled audiences with the unbelievable singles "Oh Sh!t I Don’t Feel So Good" and "Girl, This Bed Is Too Big Without All 12 Of You".

Now, Horatio, THE WORLD'S MOST POTENT HETEROSEXUAL, inspires us with a new anthem of hope, acceptance, and unconditional Christian love, "It’s Okay To Be Gay".

These songs are undoubtedly the finest works of art ever constructed by humankind.
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ky (level 40) wrote:
please come back... i want more. ; )
1 year ago
LMMS (level 30) wrote:
OK, I'm gonna say it... You, sir, are a @#$%ing genius!
7 years ago
twiztedrob (level 18) wrote:
love it man it hits the redneck bottled up in me
7 years ago
heyd007 (level 11) wrote:
great vibes here.. Excellent songs and performance!!!
checkout "I'm Drunk and You're Ugly"
7 years ago
HollisSmith8 (level 20) wrote:
and I love turnin people on to your tunes : )
7 years ago
EvanCrown (level 9) wrote:
absolutely genius, ha xo
7 years ago
Wingman (level 36) wrote:
What Emilushka said.
7 years ago
jascam51 (level 8) wrote:
Wicked social commentaries! Wicked! And they're all sing along songs ... LOL ... well done!
7 years ago
Emilushka (level 28) wrote:
I hate country music usually, but your song "It's Okay To Be Gay" is HILARIOUS. I love it. That's probably the first country song I've hearted on this site.
7 years ago
Nicoleska (level 17) wrote:
J.F.C. This song is awesome! "Drunker than Satan" Hahahahahahaha!
7 years ago
DiscoBear (level 9) wrote:
lol for me is not ok to be gay HAHhaha :d
7 years ago
HollisSmith8 (level 20) wrote:
Yeah you Rock! Keep those Balls pumped up! I would fall on the floor to hear you at the Grand Ole Opry. I think Minnie Pearl would like you : ) Keep up your Awesomeness
7 years ago
ImpaledSkier (level 25) wrote:
You're the only country sounding music I'll listen to. My roommate came home and yelled at me for 15 minutes for being a hypocrite before I sat him down. Now he's a believer in you too
7 years ago
sitcommunist (level 34) wrote:
just stopping by to remind you the greatest thing that ever happened to music.
7 years ago
weirdojace (level 19) wrote:
I just bought "It's Okay to be Gay" on iTunes. Excellent song.
7 years ago
Therese Elmkvist wrote:
Briliant ! :)
7 years ago
VasileParaschiv (level 8) wrote:
so so funny
7 years ago
Serin (level 42) wrote:
It's Okay to Be Gay is a great song. :)
7 years ago
NetExaminer (level 21) wrote:
Its Okay to Be Gay = Awesome
7 years ago
samuraiJAC (level 25) wrote:
7 years ago