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posted 7 years ago
joepurdy: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mrvMcSCEhws http://bit.ly/6v0zIR
posted 7 years ago
joepurdy: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mrvMcSCEhws http://bit.ly/6lPqBP
posted 7 years ago
joepurdy: Last show of the tour tonight in Austin! Sold out!! Thanks to everyone who came out to the shows. More next year.... http://bit.ly/7djitc
posted 7 years ago
joepurdy: Hotel Cafe tonight. Joe Purdy 15 min set at 10pm. Charity holiday show Visit hotelcafe.com for more info.
posted 7 years ago
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Joe Purdy, a singer/songwriter from Arkansas, put in his time working at a loading dock and as a counselor at a private high school before his song "Wash Away" became synonymous with the 2004 season of ABC's Lost. Purdy left Arkansas for California in 2001, where he learned how to play the piano and began writing songs. He went on to record several homemade albums, breaking into the L.A. music scene with 2003's StompinGrounds. It was around this time that Purdy was contacted by J.J. Abrams, the executive producer of Lost, who asked Purdy to write a song for the show. Purdy, who at the time was visiting an island on a river in upstate New York, wrote "Wash Away," which went on to chart in the Top 25 on the /iTunes country charts. The album that featured the song, Julie Blue, was released in 2004. Only Four Seasons followed it up two years later.
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roguedking (level 20) wrote:
I'm obsessed with Purdy's voice. Too many songs hit right at home. He even has his own tag in my list when I need to quick find someone who empathizes. (Ode to) Sad Clown, you know that one's about me, too...
9 months ago
SilentK (level 27) wrote:
this still sounds so good. Thanks for posting your music!
1 year ago
NancyLEE (level 11) wrote:
Hey Joe! HUGS! Thanks for the songs! I will add them to my MP3 and listen to you and be happy! Bumps and Loves.
7 years ago
SaraEagleDeer (level 5) wrote:
been listening to you for years, cheers.
7 years ago
Kelly Merrill wrote:
simply amazing!!!!!!!!!! im hooked :)
7 years ago
arthurhcarroll (level 9) wrote:
Love your sound, the emotion in your songs. I love to describe your voice as if you sing with a tear drop in your throat
7 years ago
songasm (level 28) wrote:
I'm gonna cover one of your songs. That's how good you are.. and how beautiful the song is.
7 years ago
shmccann (level 13) wrote:
really enjoy your sound. keep the tunes coming.
7 years ago
Vidda (level 6) wrote:
Simple yet amazing guitar work. Great voice tone. And the lyrics are oh so true. Great job!
7 years ago
my7inyl (level 21) wrote:
...love this song....we all do the best we can...'bout what I think you should so do, or how you wish I could be'...nothing hurts like the truth...
7 years ago
flutterflutter (level 22) wrote:
7 years ago
Slash737 (level 8) wrote:
I love this song because its true... I did the best that I could... but Some Things Don't Work Out Like They Should.
7 years ago
karalala (level 11) wrote:
I absolutely love your music!
7 years ago
One Ultra Lame White Boy wrote:
It sounds just lovely in here.... ;) Peace!!
7 years ago
StrictJoy (level 12) wrote:
holy shit. the entire life of joe is on here... haha. wow. good ol joe! :)
7 years ago
chiprooplisten (level 11) wrote:
Nice 'Perdy' work on Andrea. chip / chiproop.com
7 years ago
onecupofcoffee (level 8) wrote:
Love your music!
7 years ago
sitcommunist (level 34) wrote:
Really like Brown Suits and Cadillacs
7 years ago
DylanAbbott (level 25) wrote:
Found you on LOST with "Wash Away" (awesome song, so relaxing!) I can't find your albums anywhere though and I know you self release your songs (or so I believe), but is there anywhere besides online to buy it?
7 years ago
Keewie (level 8) wrote:
Hey! I'm just wondering if I can use your song, 'The Sun' in a school project. Let me know. Thanks. :)
7 years ago