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Sydney, Australia

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Australian indie songstress Loene Carmen has 'carved out a niche as Sydney's sultry songstress, taking in Americana, soul, blues and rock'n'roll influences'(Drum Media). She has released four critically acclaimed albums – and occupies “an intangible, magical, rarefied space, somewhere between Tom Waits and Dolly Parton..."

IT WALKS LIKE LOVE (2009) 'blends the beauty of the French chanteuse with the intensity of the Dirty Three' (Beat) and plays with 'torch blues, gothic country and smoky nightclub' with a couple of killer 'bawdy pop concoctions' thrown in for good measure.
It was recorded with producer Burke Reid (The Drones, The Mess Hall) and musical accomplices drawn from Holy Soul and The Scare and special guests including her father, legendary pianist Peter Head.

ROCK N ROLL TEARS (2007) was recorded over 3 long hot summer days in a country barn, collaborating again with Mess Hall’s Jed Kurzel and cohorts Sam Worrad (Holy Soul) & Paul Dunn (Slow Hand) - an anarchic, loose, dreamy, heat fuelled love letter to rock’n’roll.

Solo debut, the pyschedelic bedroom recorded opus BORN FUNKY BORN FREE (2002) is 'a femme-fatale fronted Hendrix/Velvet Underground freaky reggae dub party!' (revolver) and was followed by the 'atmospheric fractured blues' of SLIGHT DELAY (2004) - which featured Warren Ellis (Dirty Three) on violin and bouzouki and Jed Kurzel (Mess Hall) on guitars and harmonica.
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