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Cortland, OH

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9th and Ash is the brainchild of Michael Benich, who kick started his solo career in 2007 with his first self-produced LP entitled “This is What Love Sounds Like”. After a relentless schedule of shows with the vibrant pop-punk of Never Say Forever, 9th and Ash served as an outlet for expression in a completely different musical language. Despite regional success and the backing of a New York-based indie label, the fading buzz of these endeavors lead Benich to pursue 9th and Ash as his primary musical interest. No longer satisfied with the warm yet lo-fi sounds from his northeast Ohio-based bedroom studio, Mike recruited members of the hardcore metal band Break Out The Shotguns and hit the ground running.

Since 2008, 9th and Ash has released a second 5-track EP, which according to several prominent websites, is full of “young, hopeful, energetic, and layered” songs that are “instantly relatable”. Fast-forwarding to 2010, 9th and Ash still works from his home base of Cortland, Ohio with a newfound enthusiasm for his incredibly diverse musical influences, spanning the vast swath of 90’s legends from J. Mascis to the Gin Blossoms. This 90’s alternative-pop sensibility often manifests itself in 9th and Ash, spackling the sing-song choruses of Third Eye Blind with the crunchy, overdriven guitars of Collective Soul.

Enhanced by his positive, clean-cut, and entirely American attitude, 9th and Ash’s thoughtful lyrics and addicting pop hooks are sure to make an impact nationwide.
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